Zero sabe

him after recovory


Xflame Edit

Xflame is more commonly know as X is a fire artist that uses fire as his main weapon of attack. He can use it to do many different techniques to defeat his opponents.


He was one of a Kirby solders during the end of the planets life before it was destroyed my a planetary super nova. most died but some only got severely damaged Zero is one that was severely beaten he had to go through just like the others ages of recovery. after the recovery and training he went to a distant planet. after the mission he came back and almost instantly hijack one of the ships and flew off to a planet of moss.


He has techniques for getting trough fights or tough situations.

Basic techniquesEdit

these are just hitting attacks nothing special

dual storm: uses two crippling punches to weak spots to get trough walls or tough shells.

free form strike: does one concentrated kick or punch depending on the situation to counter or get free from a grip.

fierce follow up: after one of the other attacks he can follow it up with a punch to the stomach then to the face to know them away.

Special techniquesEdit

these are his fire power

X cross: a fire type attack witch is shaped like a X his signiture move

inferno: a inferno if fire from the palm like a storm or tornado.

ultimate inferno: a powered up version of the inferno that can destroy a whole mountain when fully charged.

fire coat: a move that covers his hands in fire or fire blades used to power up his basic techniques.

fire combat: sort of a variation to fire coat but instead he covers his whole body and land a ton of punches can also be a defensive techniques.

blaze rush: an another variation of fire coat that covers himself in fire and rushes at the opponent.

spirit flame: he uses his spirit to create and then launch a super sized fire ball.

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