Z is one of Armorchompy's OCs. He is a Puffball with the Animal ability and two Starfox-like Blasters.

Personality Edit

He's serious, edgy, and easy to anger, but he has great loyalty and courage, and is ready to obey any order. These three last qualities were used by the Haltmann Works company to easily brainwash him with a small device inside his brain after making experiments on him.

Powers Edit

He's got a great healing factor, that lets him rapidly regenerate any lost body part. However, the draw is that his body is much frailer than a normal puffball, with a thrown kunai easily piercing his hand. This healing factor also prevents him from aging, making him effectively immortal. The only ways to kill him are destroying his entire body, poisoning him or, more simply, drowning him.

He's also faster and stronger than your average puffball, being able to outspeed PK (He can't go as fast as him, but he's very quick and has great reflexes).

He's not very smart, but he can trust his instincts, that can tell him when an attack can be dangerous, or when an opponent is weakened. They're not 100% reliable on, though.

He can also turn his hat into an animal to get that animal's "power", like short-range hadoukens with a Pistol Shrimp[1], or enhanced strength with a Gorilla.

Having the Animal ability, he has long claws that can dig through dirt and he can do a Drill Attack.

He can change his colors, and if he stands still and the opponent doesn't actively search for him, he can pass unobserved.

Lastly, he's got super-senses.

Abilities and Weapons Edit

While he doesn't know any martial art, he's got the most experience out of any heroes, that lets him fight foes that would outmatch him powerwise, like PsyKirb.

He's got two Blasters, that can rapid fire Fox-style, go at normal speed Falco-style, or be charged up Wolf-style.

He also has a custom Arwing, called Z-Wing, and a bigger spaceship, called the Death Bird. (Get it? Death Bird Z? DBZ? I'm the best at making punz.).

Trivia Edit

  • His boss theme would be this.
  • Before the RP was delet, he was planned to be swiftly, silently killed by an assassin, to show how dangerous the new foes were, and to get rid of a boring character that went nowhere.