Yemit is a time mage like timey. He is thoght to be the final boss but he wasn't actully wasn't evil he was possesed by marx's possesing cap. After kirby pulled off the time sticker it made two clocks (while he was possesed) he snatched the dark clock and fleed. He also serves as the boss of time base and cinnimon city. when he gets

Yemit New
"Ughhhh! Whats going on? Whats that strange crown?I WAS POSSESED!!!? Hmmmmm....... I thought that whould be a good hat to wear today."







Time Mage


Other time Mages,Timey,Kirby,Dilli,Jane,Friends of his friends


Time warping and clockwork attacks


Friend and Boss

defeted in cinnimon city the cap falls off him and reveals that he's nice.

He also he rides in a U.F.O on the first phrase in cinnimon city shooting kirby from his starship.

Yemit poss

yemit when possesed

attacks Edit

in time base he has 6 attacks he uses in order

  1. He swoops down at kirby.
  2. He shoots down a fleet of rusty old gears.
  3. He gets out two giant clock hand that connect to him and spin and tries to get near kirby in hopes that the spinning handles will hit kirby.
  4. He keeps on his handels and makes them go to 12:## and if kirby dosen't hit him in time he ring a small shock wave that can't be dodged or blocked that will do pretty decent damage.
  5. He "reverses time" so the last attack that hit him will be healed.
  6. He makes it rain rusty old gears.

in cinnimon city he rides in a U.F.O on his first phrase he has 4 attacks

  1. He shoots weak lasers at kirby.
  2. He shoots bombs at kirby.
  3. He attempts to suck up kirby with his U.F.O and shoot him out.
  4. He shoots a giant laser that takes up about half of the screen.

on his second phrase in cinnimon city he has 6 attacks.

  1. He swoops down at kirby multible times and very quickly.
  2. He shoots a fleet of shiny gold gears that explode on contact.
  3. He gets out two long clock hands that spin and dashes at kirby attemping to hit him.
  4. He keeps out his clock hands that quickly quickly go to 12:## and ring and send off shockwaves that can't blocked or dodged if kirby hits him before he does it he'll go on to attack 5.
  5. He" reverses time " so the last two attacks that hit him thier damage is healed.
  6. He makes it rain gold new gears



  • his name is timey backwards suggesting hes opposite of timey
  • Yemit seems to be interested in Dilli becuse he seems to be with him as much as he can.
  • In kirby and the time tassle thiers a glich where if you talk to Yemit and use the beam abilitiy at the same time his colors will change to timey's exact color showing that timey and yemit are alternate color plattes of each other.