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Waddle Doo is a semi-important character in the Kirby RP, owned by LapisL6/LapisL7.

Appearance Edit

Waddle Doo is well... A Waddle Doo. The only thing different is that he has a dark green backpack that holds all sorts of items

Personality Edit

Waddle Doo doesn't have much of a defined personality. He's usually just aiding the heroes in a very generic way

Abilities Edit

Waddle Doo has a skillset unique to any other Waddle Doo

  • Beam Ability As a Waddle Doo, he can of course use the Beam ability
  • Technology Waddle Doo is kind of an inventor. He builds futuristic gadgets that he uses to aid the heroes and has also been shown to have experience hacking.
  • Enhanced Strength He has more endurance and health than an average Waddle Doo, and was even able to build an entire spaceship by himself.
  • Weapon Proficiency He has invented all sorts of weapons, and uses a lot of them in battle, giving him experience in all sorts of battle styles

Gallery Edit

Gender: Male


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