him but add a tall black garden gnome hat

name: Wable

old owner: crazy hand

clothes: black tall garden gnome hat

powers: inhale

hobbies: eating, painting, exploring, cooking, baking, gardening

old family: crazy hand (dad) master hand (uncle)

favorite animal: bunny

stuffed animals: super duper uper smuper fluzry (fluffy+fuzzy+furry) bunny named bunny

give him 4 naps a day

he needs 6 meals (which he can make)

he needs to now how to add 0+0 and above

he needs to now 0-0 and below

and he needs to now x and :- (put them togeter(the : and -))

he can do tricks and plays dress up

and post coments to learn more or ask on my profile!

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