aka Varent

  • I live in The Central Isle of the Sky Isles, pretty much the capital of Zolara by this point
  • I was born on September 22
  • My occupation is Adventurer, weapons-shop employee, captain of the Central Isle's guard... ... ...Oh, and the Crystal Hero.
  • I am in firm belief that gender is a social construct. (they/them)
  • TheCrystalHero

    An Update

    September 4, 2016 by TheCrystalHero

    So I keep getting notifications about y'all commenting on my old wiki (as well as a single nasty blog post), thinking it's the only one. It's not.

    ... ... ...Guess I should elaborate.

    "The Adventures of White", now known as Vaercian Legends, got a reboot quite recently (actually almost a year ago!), and I decided it'd be easier to just move wikis than to try to edit everything.

    So, if y'all want, you can go comment on stuff there. It's still not very active, but that's because I've mostly been working on the official blog, and almost all my friends left the project, save for like two that rarely have time to work on it. So don't be surprised if there's not much activity, but I check it almost every day for the off chance that someone else …

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  • TheCrystalHero
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