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I have noticed there is actually no fannon Wiki for Keroro Gunso/Sgt. Frog. I think it should be made. Do you think so? I could put all of the Keronians I made on SPORE on the Wiki. Of course, Mascotia won't be in it. I just felt like posting this on this Wiki. After all, this is a fannon Wiki. AND NOW: Something funny including my Keronian OCs, Kururu, Kiruru, and Kiruru Dot based off something from a Sgt. Frog manga I have.

Comic With my Keronian OCs

Kururu: Hey Shacho, wanna see something cool?


Kururu:(puts a device over my head, and I become a Keronian-sized plushy of- MY SELF)

Kiruru: ?

Kururu: P-Coating added.

Kiruru: ??

Kururu: The "P" in P-Coating means Plushy.

Kiruru: !!!

Kiruru Dot: Kiru? Kiru!(hugs me tightly)

You're wondering when something funny is going to happen, right? Well, here it comes!

Kitten: Mew!

Shacho: Hi kitty.

Kitten:(bites me)

Shacho: Kururu, help me!

Shredding noises are heard. XD

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