These are ways I think this Wiki can be better. These are my oppinions, and please ask questions.

The List

  1. The Wiki's Homepage... I'm serious, it's a mess. Most of it is fine, but, Shacho, I thought you'd take from the Other wiki you work on, the Mascotia Wiki. The Homepage isn't a Blog or a Conversation area. It's to explain the basics of the wiki, or show rules and guidelines.
  2. We should make the entire pages in one editting. If you don't have time to finish the pages, then thats fine, but don't just leave a Page unfinished for a long time.
  3. Don't just upload ideas you've gotten unless you have finished them... Seriously... This goes with the one above, if a page isn't finished, it makes me feel like they aren't even finished concepts.

This list may get longer. Trust me.

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