Hey guys! Kirbymon here! I'm going to propose a new idea, Project Recontruction. Since the Revamped RP has been inactive for quite awhile, I thought I'd come up with a new idea. Project Reconstruction will be a reconstruction of the original plot line, the heroes versus EKBE (Every Kirby Boss Ever). This RP, in contrast to the Revamped RP, will focus on comedy and shorter adventures, to keep it simple, it will have some changes:

  • Everyone is allowed two main heroes and two main villains for simplicity, redemption and betrayal arcs should be avoided unless you're willing to kill off a character.
  • Crossovers and alternate universes will not feature in this RP, while it will be considered part of the Wikia Multiverse, it will be canon locked.
  • Fourth wall breaking should be avoided.
  • Some plot points will be changed, such as the Borealos fusion concept and the Gurby and Kali team up.
  • This RP's Rockirby can be stupid but it has to be in earnest and not malicious.

Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

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