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  • I live in N/A
  • My occupation is RPing, Video Games
  • I am Male
  • Chiptheblewcat

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  • Chiptheblewcat

    So! Here's my guide I said I was going to make.. well, if you're on a discord yeah..

    Step 1.

    Get an idea for a pallet and ability. Don't make the color too neon, as it hurts eyes and it sets a bad concept. It can be a light blue, a dark purple, even one of the pallets like Keebys, or just keep it pink if wanted, but you must follow...

    Step 2.

    ADD UNIQUE DESIGNS. I swear, this is what ruins a lot of characters. THEY'RE JUST RECOLORS. Add somethimg, anything, like a new hat, or shoes, maybe facial markings. Heck, even a mask or a cape on a character is more interesting! Just don't keep it as a recolor. I stress this to you, it puts a lazy feel to your character. Okay, I'm sorry for that mini rant... onward!

    Step 3.

    Don't get too complicated for yo…

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  • Chiptheblewcat

    woah polls??

    December 26, 2016 by Chiptheblewcat
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  • Chiptheblewcat

    gimme tha badge

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