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  • Armorchompy

    Hello, It's me, Armorchompy! Here I am, to make an easy guide on how to create a Kirby OC! Because my OCs are 101% original, right? Aaaanyway...

    Where to start?

    This is the EZ part. Will he be a comedic relief? a villain? Get this clear in your head first. Let's say I wanna create a hero. Yay!

    And now what?

    It's very common to not know what to do now, and stand there without ideas. I suggest thinking about the personality. Powers and the other cool stuff come later. Let's say I want my OC to be a carefree, happy dude.


    Puffball is the standard, but you can use a Waddle Dee, or whatever you want, really.


    Now, you can choose an ability you like, one that you want to use, or one that fits with the character. A villain will be more intiā€¦

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  • Armorchompy

    Some polls

    November 25, 2016 by Armorchompy

    Hey guys it's me, Armorchompy (Like you confused me for someone else)

    Would you like the Revamped Rp to be revived? Yes No Remaking it is a better idea

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