Yheh i kinda beat it (With a little help from my family) anyways World 7 was extremly hard, First off your in this giant molten wasteland with your Hp cut in half and not to mention that lava hurts bad and makes you lose your ability and then on 7-4 you got this 4 headed recoloerd purple dragon busting some fireballs at you. And then the best part came MAGOLOR SOUL!!!!!!!@ ANOTHER DIMENSION! I got like 5 Game Overs trying to beat him and I defeated him with the good ol" Water ability with Hp this long __ out of ___________. Anyways when I beat it staff credits gave me the little Kirby icons like the programming one and the Morfit design from Super Star and all this stuff. And then I unlocked the True Arena and somthing tells me this might be harder than the Super Star Ultra True Arena.

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