Name: Starlight

Nickname(s): The Blood-Zero (Only known by Midnight)

Alias(es): Univa

Sex: Male

Gender: Male

Gender Pronouns: He/Him

Sexual Orientation: A

Age: Since Ancient times (aka god knows how long)

Race: Ancient (AKA the original Halcandrans)

Species: Puffball

Religion: The Starlight half believes that a powerful god will stop all evil. The other half believes in the devil, death and anarchy.

Faction/Group: Villain, Star Matter

Friend(s): None

Best Friend(s): None

Enemy(s): All of the heroes

Arch Enemy(s): Dimena, Tempus (yet unknown)

Companion(s): Midnight, Hex

Acquaintance(s): The Star Matter Army

Love Interest(s): None

Abilities: So many... SO MANY!

Skills: Technology, sword wielding

Known Languages: Every single one

Something they would never do: Kill, but only because of Starlight

Something/Someone they would do anything for: Himself (lol)

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