Turtle Kirby is an ability obtained from inhaling a Toopla
Turtle kirby

Artwork of Turtle Kirby

It appeared in Kirby and the Time Tassle.

B Shell Spin Kirby gets in his shell-like hat and spins in one place. Damage 18
B + B + B

Shell Tornado

Kirby does a more powerful shell spin that floats in the air for awile.

Damage 50

Dash + B Shell Zoom Kirby does a shell spin that zooms across the screen like wheel kirby. He can stop it with B. He can also jump with A.



Shell Zoom + A + B Spin Jump While Kirby is in his shell, he jumps in the air and spins. This does not stop shell zoom.



B in the Air Air Spin Jump Kirby does a spin jump but he enters the air.



Hold B + Release Shell Kick Kirby sets down a shell and kicks it in a similar fashion to Mario. He gets another Shell.



L/R Shell Guard No damage can be done to Kirby.

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