Topaz Kirby


Topaz Kirby gets a crown of dark blue topaz crystals with a yellow circlet with a topaz in the center. Topaz Kirby also gets topaz sunglasses.


Destroys Topaz Blocks

Obtained from

Toparioiz, Blurio





Surprise your enemies with the elegant blue topaz gem! Strike them with Topaz Beam, then skewer them with Topaz Extension!

- Flavour Text

Topaz Kirby is a new Copy Ability introduced in Kirby: Rainbow Crash. It focuses on attacks using topaz gems and is mainly an offensive ability

Moves Edit

Move Controls Description
Topaz Beam B Kirby fires a beam of topaz.
Topaz Split Beam Hold B Kirby fires three separate beams.
Topaz Capture Up/Forward+B while near an enemy Kirby traps the enemy in a topaz, then smashes it into the ground.
Topaz Spike Down+B Kirby creates a giant topaz crystal in front of him that comes out of the ground.
Topaz Extension Up+B Kirby makes the topaz crystals in his crown grow large and extend upwards.
Topaz Swirl Dash+B Kirby hovers above the ground while swirling horizontally and topaz shards circle around him.
Topaz Airstrike (In midair) Down+B Kirby fires a laser beam under him.
Topaz Rain Up, Down+B Kirby creates many topaz shards and fires them up into the air, which come back down on both sides of him.
Topaz Crystal Fire Forward+B Kirby fires a topaz crystal forward.

Trivia Edit

  • Topaz Kirby does more damage to enemies who give the Amethyst ability.

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