Timey (Tokey in Japan) is a Time Sprite debuting in kirby and the time tassle. He is a friend of Kirby and lives at Time Base along with Yemit. Like all Time Sprites, he can shift a minute into the past or the future . His job is to help people warp in time, however, he can only warp if he has all the pure gears or all the dark gears. The catch is, he cannot refuse to send people into time or back if they have all the time gears/dark gears. He also is related to Yemit.

Timey New
Oh, hi Kirby-ey! Oops-ey! Let me turn off that -ey thing on my antenna-ey.There,now i can finally speak freely. I'll come back on in a few minutes.






Time warping




Time Mage

He is also noted to be the brother of yemit and he wonders what's wrong with him causing chaos in Dreamland.

in kirby time tassle 2 it's his birthday, but a mirtorite hits Time Base and splits it into 8 pieces and he has to rely on Kirby to get them back.


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