The Kirby RP Gaiden (Pokemon Version) is a thought-up fangame concept based off the Kirby RP. This also derives from the original Kirby RP Gaiden. I'm tails41yoshi. Tell me information about your characters as this is a WIP, and I may VERY EASILY forget a character. Either that, or I may intentionally not put in a character due to the lack of info, so don't accuse me of anything, I don't know all of this!

Being Pokemon, this needs to have at least types (1 or 2) and up to three possible Abilities, not to confuse with Kirby's Copy Abilities.

Also the game story follows the exact same plots as the RP story.


Knuckle Dee: Fighting/Poison.

Rockirby: Rock.

Chip: Fighting.

  • May get a secondary type if holding certain items.

Lirby: Water/Flying.

PsyKirb: Psychic/Fighting.

Bold: Normal.

Hirby: Fire/Fighting.

Wizzy: Fighting/Electric.

Electra: Electric/Steel.

Deci: Psychic/Dark.

Univa Knight: Dark/Steel.

Midnight: Dark/Psychic.

Luta: Fighting/Flying.

Bandana Waddle Dee: Normal/Steel.

Kirby: Normal.

  • May completely change his type if holding certain items, like the RKS System/Multitype abilities.

Meta Knight: Steel.

Galacta Knight: Psychic/Steel.

King Dedede: Normal/Fighting.

Waddle Doo: Normal

Susie: Steel/Electric.

Caelator: Steel/Electric.

Duncan: Steel/Electric.

Jurby: Grass/Ghost.

Nurvy: Steel.

Mara: Grass/Fighting.

Loretta Song: Dark/Poison.

Luna: Steel/Dark.

Sergio: Steel/Flying.

Candela: Fire/Flying.

Jubila: Ice/Water.

Evan: Normal.

Gurby: Steel/Psychic.

Flickr: Electric/Dark.


  • May change her type completely if holding certain items, like the RKS System/Multitype abilities.

Edgelady Fangirlina: Dark.

Dimena: Normal/Fairy.

Starfury: Fighting/Ghost

Flare: Fighting/Fire

Wizz: Fighting/Psychic

Wing: Flying/Fighting

Eclipse: Normal/Fighting

X: Dark/Fairy

Lehti: Grass/Flying

Block(Regular): Steel/Electric

  • Block(Battle (Similar to Mega Evolution)): Same typing

Inferno(Regular): Fire/Flying

  • Inferno(Battle (Similar to Mega Evolution)): Fire/Fighting


  • Isaac(Battle (Similar to Mega Evolution)): Psychic/Fighting

Mr. Pepzer: Dark/Fire

Miraculon: Flying/Electric

Legia: Normal/Steel

Kirb: Dark


Abilities in bold are Hidden Abilities.

PsyKirb: Volt Absorb/Lightning Rod/Inner Focus.

Wizzy: Inner Focus/Scrappy/Steadfast.

Electra: Volt Absorb/Motor Drive/Lightning Rod.

Luta: Huge Power/Iron Fist/Moxie.

Rockirby: Volt Absorb.

KDee gets an ability that allows him to switch away and give his stat boosts to another team member and that's broken because sure a pokemon that can take literally every special attack in the game with ease, a pokemon with 145 base attack, decent bulk and intimidate, or a steel/flying type that has great stats, tanks everything, has a max power Heavy Slam and boosts its own stats when killing something are perfectly fine but noooooo baton pass is the broken one good job smogon