This is how it all began...


One day in dreamland, Kirby is walking around in [Whispy Woods] when a meteor hits the Earth a mile away. After a lot of running he arrives at the site and finds a galactic box. When he opens it, he discovers a watch-like device. Then, when he reaches for it, it jumps into his mouth, forcing Kirby to inhale it, turning into Omnitrix Kirby.

Kirby finds out that as this copy ability, he has an Omnitrix on his wrist. Kirby pushes the button on it, turning him into a green alien! Kirby's freaked out at first, but then gets used to it. Kirby plays around a Wildvine until Metaknight finds him and thinks he's a villain and the two fight for a while until he figures out it's Kirby as the Omnitrix times out.

Kirby explains about what happened to Meta Knight, Tiff, and Aldeleine. Meta Knight says that King Deedeedee is probably up to his old tricks again.

The 4 head to his castle, Dedede denys it, but Tiff tells him that he's lying and Kirby goes into Arcticguana and they fight for a while until Meta Knight realizes that King Dedede is telling the truth. He tells the others to stop fighting. Then, Dark Matter suddenly comes onto the scene. Kirby turns into Kickin Hawk and beats him up until he suddenly disappears. Later that day, Kirby goes into XLR8 and plays around as him, the episode ends with Meta Knight saying "Oh, great".

Characters (everything's first apperance)Edit


Meta Knight 



Waddle Dee


King Dedede

Dark Matter

Aliens UsedEdit



Kickin Hawk


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