Storm is a black and blue puff with a lightning pattern over his left eye. His body is blue, his eyes are white, and his lightning pattern and feet are black.


Storm always wants to stay out of ideas, plans, etc. that are very weird. That gets put to the test when Magolor gets a supposedly "brilliant" plan (Magolor makes him go along...). Saito is a pain to him as well. He is not afraid to do the right thing.

Main RelationsEdit

Kirby: Storm thinks he is cute. Storm also knows that Kirby can get the job done in a battle against Sigmabot Industries.

Magolor: Even though M is nice, he makes Storm mad accasionly. Magolor's small inventions blow up when Storm gets near.

Aege: Storm and Aege get along well. Especially when Saito annoys them too much.

Saito: REALLY annoyed by Saito. Tries to stay away from him.

Meta Knight: Storm's hero. He dreams of being a warrior like him. They get along like a warrior and his sword.

King Dedede: Has an opposite personality to Storm. King Dedede and Storm don't like each other one bit.


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