Starlight is a character created by TrixStudio. He's the co-owner of the Midnight Circus and does the business side of things rather than performing.

Appearance Edit

He has a simple design. He's a black puffball with light grey feet and a red eye.

Personality Edit

His personality hasn't really shown much yet... and probably won't cause he's possibly dead.

Powers and abilities Edit


Backstory and role Edit

His backstory hasn't appeared in the rp yet. His role in the story is leading Cael in the basement so far... and being Univa :D

Affiliations Edit

Midnight: He enjoys having Midnight as a colleague and likes working with her... and also having her as a second in command.

Univa: What he has become he despises. But he can't escape. He's holding him back. The most he can do is stop Univa from killing. He's always calling for help. He's the one who controlled Univa to help the heroes against Star Dream... but he used that against Starlight. In short, he wants help from him. He despises him for changing him.

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit


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