Sapphire is a lost Puffball who has a passionate, jolly, yet mischeivious personality. It is unknown where she came from and why, but rumors say that she might actually be a whole different creature who was turned into a Puffball. ======

Sapphire Love
Hee hee!
Vital statistics
Title Deceiver Kirby
Gender Female
Race Kirby ((????)
Faction Immortal being
Health 109
Level 24
Status Energetic
Location Unknown


Sapphire, like other Puffballs, is a short, round blob with fingerless hands and feet. Her skin is vanilla yellow and her feet are navy blue, and unlike other Puffballs, how ever, she has blue rings on her arms and one located directly on her fore head. Her blue shoes each have a yellow ring on them. She wears a big orange bow held together by a small skull barrette. She has scarlet cheeks and orange eyes. Her original appearance is unknown, and when she swallows a living being, she takes it's form and powers.

Personality and Relationships

Sapphire is daffy and flirtatious, often lying to boys by saying how "Cute" they are, then eating them later. One easier way she does this is by simply kissing them and then inhaling them. She never ever stops smiling. Even when she gets hurt, she still knows that she'll take their form anyway. She is full of energy and always travels endlessly. She loves to lie to people and spread chaos and mischief with Marx. She especially loves to mess with a waddle doo named Droopy Doo. Some times she saves this lonely waddle doo and even cares for him but it is unknown whether they are friends or enemies. Her relation ship with Kirby is quite serious, she often acts ominous around him and tries to kill him. However, she acts silly around Meta Knight and King Dedede, always lying to the both of them and getting what she wants. She has a strong brother-sister relationship with Marx and it might have to do with her actual species.

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