Sailor Waddle Dee


Waddle Dee




Monkey wrench, Scredrivers





Cdre. Oberon Zach Deeseil, more commonly known as Sailor Waddle Dee, is a high-ranking Meta-knight. In fact, he is the 5th highest ranked knight (in Fanon, at least).

In canonEdit

Sailor Waddle Dee is the only known Waddle Dee to serve Meta Knight. While he never fights Kirby, he worriedly comments on Kirby's progress throguh the Halberd. He also appears to steer the Halberd.

He also appears to be oblivious to some of the things he says, such as when he accidentally announces how to destroy the Halberd's Reactor.

In fanonEdit

Sailor Waddle Dee is a high-ranking Meta-knight. While he's cowardly and has little fighting experience, he is an expert engineer and is an experienced sailor. He is the Meta-knight's head engineer, and therefore spends most of his time aboard the Halberd. As mentioned before, he is a flawed fighter, but when he does fight he usually uses the same tools he uses to maintain the Halberd's systems as weapons.

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