Rhino Ability
"Charge charge charge! Nothing can stop you as a rhino! Maybe. CHAAAAAAAAAARGE!"- Pause Screen, Kirby: Starry Battles

Created by/in

2012, Shacho


Kirby: Starry Battles

Enemy/ies that give ability


Games appeared in

Kirby: Starry Battles

Kirby: Time Tassle 2

Rhino is an ability of Kirby that makes its debut appearance in Kirby: Starry Battles. It's also in the game kirby time tassle 2.


2 Ram
2+Dash Charge
2+Jump Upwards Ram
2+Hold and realease Super Charge


  • This ability's name is similar to the Animal ability's name.
  • This is the second animal related ability to appear.

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