Prime Karval
Prime Karval
"Get out of here!"

Created by/in

Shacho, 2012


Wooden Puffball Doll




Kirby: A Camping Disaster



Prime Karval is an evil wooden Puffball doll. He can control plants, and create wooden Waddle Dee minions.


A long time ago, there was a wizard. This wizard one day brought life to a wooden puffball doll, naming it Prime Karval. Prime Karval's job was to protect the wizard's house, and he still does it to this day. Even though the wizard has died, he still protects the place from anyone who enters the place. In the Kirby: A Camping Disaster comic, he tried to get Kirby and his friends out of the place, but got destroyed by Kirby. Even after this, Prime Karval still protects the place, since he reformed himself.


  • A friend of Shacho's in real life made up the idea of Prime Karval when trying to trick Shacho.
  • Prime Karval was originally a mascot.

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