Green ball

Inside POMO

POMO is a reincarnation of PAMA and the main antagonist of Kirby: story mode. It is an equivalent of the cute machine that made everyone " useful ". It is voiced by Vincent Tong and Yusuke Shirai. He was created by Susie, who he called, " mama! ".


POMO is a self-aware computer that is super duper big. The size of PAMA itself. It has a cute face which changes emotions via the power of green lights. It is powered by star-like circuits.


An intelligent, happy, insane puffball larger than Kirby animated by CGI who thinks everything it does is right and thinks of other beings as inefficient. It often Rhymes its sentences and makes jokes. He is also rather deceitful.


Kirby-At first, they have a stable relationship. But after Kirby knows POMO must be stopped, he defeats him by taking out his " Starlight heart ", a red star. They haven't seen each other ever again since POMO is defeated and Kirby left to go home. Meta Knight and Bandana dee were made useful by it, upsetting Kirby even more.

Susie-Long ago, Susie avenged Haltmann by making POMO. They made an inseparable team until everyone was made useful. Susie refused to merge with it and when she was made useful, POMO cried out loud when Kirby destroyed the Starlight chips on everyone. Susie jeers POMO before leaving in tears. At the end of episode 7, she sings with it. The song they sing is, " merge with me ", inspired by the song played when you play Nekomura Iroha on Starsue.


  • As a gag in episode 7, POMO says " woop! " a lot when happy.
  • POMO stands for Prototype: Official Management Orb.
  • POMO is the equivalent of PAMA.
  • Susie seems to love Star Dream a little.
  • POMO is voiced by Yuuko Sanpei and Matt Ellis when it sings Merge with me.

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