Overlord Zero
Overlord Zero
"Zero is back, and more powerful than ever before!"- Kirby: Legend of the Stars game description

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Dark Star


Kirby: Legend of the Stars

Overlord Zero is the form Zero takes at the end of Kirby: Legend of the Stars.


After Zero Two's defeat, he broke appart into Fallen Stars, which scattered across Dream Land. When Kirby collected all of them, Zero was revived. He then recreated Dark Star, and recreated Dark Nebula. After Kirby battled Zero, he fused with Dark Nebula and some Dark Matters, becoming Overlord Zero. Overlord Zero ended up being defeated Kirby, resulting in Dark Star being destroyed. It is possible that he will come back, since at the end of Kirby: Legend of the Stars, a large Fallen Star crashes.


  • This happens to be the third form of Zero, so one could call it 03 or Zero 3.

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