Mordred is a villainous character in the Kirby RP Rebirth. He is a heavily armoured knight puffball missing an eye, with plans of revenge against Meta Knight.

Appearence, Gear, Powers and SkillsEdit

Mordred is a tall, red puffball with one eye. He wears heavy grey armor, with spikes and a mouthguard for intimidation. HIs wings are torn at the end, but still allow him to fly, though not very fast. He wields a huge greatsword, too heavy for anyone else to lift. It's designed for piercing armor and emphasizing Mordred's brutal yet well aimed strikes.

Mordred is able to project his energy from his sword, like other expert knights like Meta or Galacta Knight. There is a drop of Dark Matter in the hilt of his sword that helps him focus them into dark lightning. He is an extremely skilled fighter, though he does give in to anger easily.

Mordred's greatest weakness is, suprisingly, not his hindered eyesight. He has trained for decades to compensate for that. HIs greatest weakness is the scar itself, a wound that was never fully healed. 

Backstory and PersonalityEdit

Mordred was a student in the Star Warrior Academy, hotheaded but brave, before Iago sensed a slight wish to overthrow the Academy. With time, like an oyster building a pearl, he whispered in his mind at night throughts of anarchy, and he slowly was turned into a being of hatred. He fought Meta Knight and lost, though Meta Knight had to throw dirt in his eyes to win, with a painful wound to show for it. It would have killed him, if it hadn't been for Iago, masquerading as a Poppy Bro. named Hugo, healed it, while leaving him crippled anyway. Then, Mordred began plotting his revenge on a floating spaceship called the Lab. There, Hugo created a kind of Dark Matter that he could easily command, an overly frail one, because Mordred was planning to pretend to want to take over the Academy, while all he wanted was an audience to humiliate Meta Knight in front of. However, Meta fought bravely and won, and spared him, giving him the location of someone who could have healed him. All seemed to be well... until Iago revealed himself, and infected him with Dark Matter, turning him into a bat-like being.

Mordred is a honourable yet fierce and wrathful warrior. If he feels like someone deserves punishment for their sins, he will go to great lengths to kill them. He is also impulsive, and always considers himself right. He respects people serving for him, and will try to not kill his foes, unless it's personal for him. He likes gazing at the stars.