Meta Knight
Meta knight




Unknown, possibly Kirby/Puffball


Galacta Knight (Rival) (Girlfriend in some Fannons)

Latest Appearance

Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Meta Knight is a mysterious swordsman. It is unknown that he is a friend or a foe to Kirby, as his motives are shrouded in mystery.

In CannonEdit

Meta knight 2

Meta knight unmasked

In some games, he wants to help Kirby. In others, he's a boss to Kirby. In Kirby Super Star's Revenge of Meta Knight, he even wanted to take over Dream Land to end it's "lazy lifestyle". His sword's name is Galaxia. In some games if Kirby defeats him his mask will break in two and reveal a face strikingly similiar to Kirby, implying he may be Puffball.

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Meta Knight's Relationship with Galacta Knight (in some Fannons)Edit

See Galacta Knight.