The megalomaniacal Marx.

Marx is a jester, and an antagonist of Kirby Super Star's Milky Way Wishes for the SNES.


Marx, in his first appearance, appears to Kirby in a form reminiscent of the Mirror Copy Ability. Marx is a small lavender creature, wearing brown shoes and a red bow tie. When Marx gains power from NOVA, he reveals his true form. This form is a large, batlike creature, with large, yellow wings, tipped with arrow-like points resembling hearts. Under the megalomaniac's wings, are multi-colored hexagonal plates, flashing into different colors and locations constantly.

In canonEdit

Marx first appears in the Kirby Super Star game, Milky Way Wishes. He reveals to Kirby that in order to stop a fight between the sun & the moon, Kirby must gather power from the planets around Pop Star, and use it to summon the wish-granting comet-clock, NOVA, who can grant any wish. Kirby succeeds in this, but before the pink puff can make his wish, Marx knocks Kirby out of the way, and asks for control of Pop Star. NOVA begins a crash course en route to Pop Star, and Marx gains ultimate power, and reveals his true, bat-like form. The jester soon flys off. The power used to summon NOVA soon after gathers around Kirby, and creates the Starship for him. Kirby flys into NOVA, destroying it's Heart/Nucleus. After a large hole opens in NOVA, Kirby flys out, and lands on Pop Star's moon, and a battle between Kirby and Marx ensues. Marx is defeated, and flys uncontrollably into NOVA, causing both to explode. Marx would later in appear in Kirby Super Star Ultra for the Nintendo DS with the same role, and appear soon after in The True Arena, in a zombified form created from his body and NOVA's remains and power, known as Marx Soul. Marx's latest appearance has been in Kirby Mass Attack, where he makes a surprise appearance as the final boss of the extra game Kirby Brawlball.

In fanonEdit

See article: Marx (Kirby: Right Back At Ya Comic)

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