Marisa Kirby


Kirby gains a black hat identical to the one worn by Marisa Kirisame from the Touhou Project. Kirby also gains a broom that he can ride.


Fire, Light

Obtained from

Theifzid, Marsteal





What's this amazin' power I got? It ain't from this world, that's for sure. I can use real flashy magic that no one else can dodge! - Flavour Text

Marisa Kirby is a new ability introduced in Kirby: Rainbow Crash. It focuses mainly on attacks using small magic bullets and is mainly an offensive ability.

Moves Edit

Move Controls Description
Light Bullet B Kirby fires a bullet made of light.
Light Bullet Barrage After Light Bullet, continue pressing B Kirby keeps firing light bullets.
Tiny Spark Forward+B Kirby creates a flash of energy in front of him.
Broom Dash Dash+B Kirby rides his broom blindingly fast, crashing through enemies.
Star Shoot Up+B Kirby fires a star that bounces off walls.
Love Spark Forward+Hold B Kirby fires a flash of energy that flies ahead and damages enemies.
Master Spark Forward+Hold B for a long time Kirby fires a huge flash of energy that does a lot of damage.
Counter Spark B right before taking damage Kirby fires a relatively small flash of energy, then jumps back.
Broom Ride Dash Kirby rides on his broom, going extremely fast.

Trivia Edit

Marisa Kirby is heavily based on the Touhou Project character, Marisa Kirisame.

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