Lieutenant Ferdinand


Unknown, armored Cappy/Poison Mash?








Unknown, Mace? Metal?

Lt. Ferdinand Roman MeisoNato, known in canon as "Mace Knight", is a Meta-Knight. Not only this, but he is an apprentice of Meta Knight himself. While he is a skilled fighter, he isn't known for good discipline.

In canonEdit

Mace Knight appears in the sub-game of Kirby Super Star, "Revenge of Meta Knight". He provides commentary with the other crew members as Kirby progresses through the Battleship Halberd and eventually fights him in an attempt to stop him, but it was in vain. He later appears in the remake, with the same role.

In fanonEdit

Ferdinand appears in canon as one of Meta Knight's apprentices. He is also in command of all Mace Knight troops. However, he is almost never taken on trips with Meta Knight, and usually spends time working aboard the Halberd. While he dislikes Kirby, he will help him if it is Meta Knight's or Captain Vul's wish.

He offers the mace abilty.

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