Lirby is LapisL6/LapisL7's Main OC that appears in the Kirby RP.
Nicknames "Bro" -Hirby
Species Puffball
Gender Male
Complexion Blue
Professional Status
Role Protagonist
Personal Status
Status Alive
Residence Pop Star
Steven Universe Soundtrack ♫ - The Underwater Temple

Steven Universe Soundtrack ♫ - The Underwater Temple

Underwater Temple (Steven Universe)


Lirby is your average puffball. He has a blue body and dark blue feet. He also has the Water ability hat, but with an iron rim.


Lirby is capable of many things......

  • Water Ability - He can do anything the Water ability from Return to Dream Land can do
  • Hydrokinesis - (Control over water) He can maipulate water easily and he uses this ability the most
  • Rainbow Manifestation - He can create rainbows, which he uses to make weapons and other tools
  • Nephelokinesis - (Control over clouds) He can control clouds to blind opponents, make it rain, turn the weather stormy, or even make Kracko clones with help from his friends.
  • Fusion - He can fuse with Hirby to make Contra, a powerful being made of rocks that has both of their powers, along with Earth-based abilities and strong defense. He can also fuse with Deci to form Magiqua. They have Lirby and Deci's powers, but enhanced and green colored.
  • 6th Sense Whenever a major plot event happens and he isn't present, he will be notified by a mental twinge


Lirby is a usually sarcastic and skeptical puffball. However, he is always willing to help his fellow heroes in need. He is not easily outsmarted in battle, and he uses complex fighting tactics.


Hirby - As his brother, they get along really well, although their contradictory personalities sometimes get in the way.

PsyKirb - Lirby sees him as the strongest on the team, but he always kind of envied his power. Despite having been killed by him, Lirby still blames Deci.

Krystal - They share a close bond as friends and teammates. They worked together a lot and Lirby was quite depressed after her death.

Knuckle Dee - He doesn't have many feelings towards, nor against him. He is a great fighter and engineer , and he respects that.

Chip - Lirby and Chip have been together a while and are always good teammates. Lirby respects him a lot as a teammate. Despite not knowing about Chip's depression, he always tries to be there for him.

Heavy Kirby - Next to PK, Lirby probably despises him the most. Lirby's logical and Heavy's random behaviors don't mix well.

Pirby - When Pirby first appeared, Lirby acted as kind of his mentor, helping out in battle and answering questions.

Deci - Lirby at first saw her as just another villain, but after being controlled by her, he realized she was much worse, just as bad as Kali. She manipulated him like a puppet, using him directly to fight the others, forcing him to love her. Lirby plans to deliver his revenge swiftly.