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Krystal is one of the main characters in the Kirby RP, created by Bravephoenix36. She is a teenaged female Puffball and Kali's mirror counterpart.


Krystal is an courageous girl who is always ready for adventure. She holds her duty of a protector of the Mirror World and the Regular World very high, and will fight anyone who threatens them, no matter how strong. She is also extremely loyal to her friends, and anyone who fights them will have to get through her first.

Krystal also is a creative, out of the box thinker. She can think her way out of most situations and turn massive flops in battle into benefical moves by using her intellect. 

Despite her out going personality, she has dark secrets that she would like to remain hidden for the sake her friends. One of these was her connection with Kali, but what other secrets she's hiding remain to be seen...


Krystal uses both a Beam scepter and a Mirror scepter in battle, and uses the powers from both abilities. These include:

  • Projecting mirror sheilds
  • Firing orbs of light, energy lasers, and sword beams
  • Turning her scepters into energy swords and whips
  • Teleportation, however she lost this ability after it was disabled
  • Creating multiple copies of herself

Trivia Edit

  • PsyKirb has a crush on her. However, it remains to be seen if she returns his feelings after everything that's happened to her.
  • During a battle with Kali, Kali tricked PsyKirb into killing Krystal. While she gained a soul form, this is not the real Krystal and it remains to be seen if her spirit will find its way back back to her body.