It's a fan-game made by 10 Brave Kirbys with it's sequel being Kirby And The Crimson Palace.
KTT2 case



It's Timey's birthday!!! Timey has invited his friends Kirby, Jane, Yemit, Bandanna Dee, Meta Knight,t he Squeaks, Prince Fluff, Red Kirby, Green Kirby, and Blue Kirby and the others and has invited them to time base. but suddenly a metiorite flies and hits time base and splits it into 8 parts. Timey is sad, but then all the party guests decide to go find the parts, so everybody's adventure begins. However more meteorites fall and leave most of the paty guests flying to different areas of Popstar. Can the rest of our heros find their friends???

Kirby finds the first part, it's a tiny DS thing. He discovers that it locates the parts and who has them. It says that Whispy Woods has the first piece. "Again!?" says Jane as Kirby sets off to fight him, however, at that time the gadget only showed black and white. The trees' colors were black on the monito, so that meant it was Whispy's dangerous dark woods.

Cutscene 1Edit

After dark woods is defeated Daroach is found. Daroach then says that the coins Kirby has been collecting can be used in his squeak shop.he also says more about other items like battle dust. he also tells kirby to find the rest of his kirby agrees then he goes to here time base is and throws in the first piece, the 1st floor darouch puts his shop there and timey congratulates them.

then the screen says "you've unlocked darouch and the mini game puff-up"

and then kirby heads off to desert dunes to defeat mummie dee who has the next part

Cutscne 2Edit

After Waddle mummie is defeated,ribbon is panicing and yelling out dark matter and pointing at gooey.gooey says"she needs water becuse she keeps hallocinating that i'm the other type of dark matter. so whould you be kind enought to grab that fancy water ability and get an achient goblet". so kirby serches for those things. after he finds them ribbon kisses kirby and kirby is happy becuse of it. ribbon says that when you put that second floor on i want to open my mini game,ripple defender. so kirby puts it on

the screen says"you've unlocked gooey and ribbon and the mini game with sard guns and love-love sticks ripple defender

kirby heads off to the freezeing cold ice isle to battle the prince of ice mr.burr

Cutsene 3Edit

after kirby defeats mr,burr, mr.burr says i'll be back kirby and runs away.he finds a frozen kunkle joe so he gets the fire ability and thaws him out "thank you" he says. when you put on the third floor i'll set up evrybody's rooms. find furniture and put it in your room here i'll give you a little something then the screen says "you've recived a normal room set it has 5 diffrent kinds of firniture in it.then he says you can also visit our rooms good luck.

so then kirby puts on the third floor.

the screen says you've unlocked kunkle joe and the rooms.

then kirby sets out to defeat the dangorous cotton kracko

Cutsene 4Edit

(WARNING plot-spoliers in this chapter if you have not played and completed kirby's return to dream land then this will give away some spoiler info) &nbsp {C after cotton kracko is defeated kirby finds marx and magolor and finds two female friends that look like marx and magolor .then emalor introduces hershelf "hi im emalor and i'm sister to magolor and i know his evil scemes are annoying but i have to listen to them all day. awwww whats that cute little pink thing oh yheh it's you kirby anyways what does marcinei want to say"emalor said

marcinei:hi im sister to marx and i don't talk that much.

emelor:once you put on that 4th floor me and marcini will open 3 rooms on that floor a lock room that takes some magic pieces, our very own dress-up shop where you can buy clohts and for the new dress-up room were making.and well help you on your adventure too.

then they put on the 4th floor

the screen says you've unlocked marcini and emelor and the mini game dodgeball day also storo came to time base so darouch gave you the advanced cell phone and you've unlocked sto

kirby sets off to fight rocka-roca

Cutscene 5Edit

after kirby defeats roca-rocka he finds that spinni

was kidnapped by roca-rocka.then he sees darouch who sees spinni and rejoices.then spinni says"i saw Doc was kiddnappped by strange fire kirby- hatted royal-thingie

so kirby puts on the roof dome that has abilitiy rooms

the screen says "You've unlocked ability rooms fire,stone and love a new move team attack and spinni

kirby sets out to vast valcano to fight whoever it is

Cutscene 6Edit

After Kirby defeats Mr.Burr he says "you're going to pay for this"and runs away kirby puts on the chimmey and timey says only 2 more pieces kirby and time base is done .darouch says he wonders where the squeakers went. suddenly marcine and emalor come out of nowhere and there both holding a part of time base.then they all jump for joy.but then an odd blurr comes and takes the clock and then the blurr stops speeding along to reavel marx and magolor then they run off to soda sea.then they all chase after them and enter soda sea.but see doc along the way.

the screen says"you've unlocked the super inhale and doc.

Cutscene 7Edit

After Defeating Team M they grab the clock from them and give it to time base.timey says that one more piece and we could have my party.then a waddle dee is controling a giant mecha with gear sholdier pads.timey reconizes them as the main gears in time base and tells kirby to chase after the robot.but the robot hyper jumps into frappe factory so kirby and his friends go there.

the screen says you've unlocked the mini game, computer virus RPG

Cutscene 8 Edit

kirby puts on the final part the gear there seems to be joy eavrywhere. but suddenly a dark-shadowy being comes down and says 'good work're quite the hero,but you can never seem to focus on two big problems at one time.and that problem is me,let me explain my plan.i come from a new dimetion where i rule but it's a very small demention so i don't rule very many when i herd that you defeated someone with the master crown i came down to popstar and shot mertiorites at time base to distract you then i made my magic spell that makes all miltiverses one galactic dimention. then i will put it on my dimention and rule. now then two more won't be needing this"breaks warp star "and my name darfomo.then darfomo flies off to space.timey wonders what to do but then he knows what to do he says that there's a space ship on top of cloudy castle in cream clouds if you go to my chimmey the fog will make cloud stairs to get there.kirby climbs up those stairs and heads of to cream clouds. on the way they find francis

Cutscene 9Edit

After kirby deafeats Mr.burr and Mr.burrn earvrybody gets in the ship and flies into space.Timey says that in order to get to darfomo's dimention we need an item called the portal ray.Emelor and Marcine see that thier brothers have the ray.Then they get shot down.kirby and his friends land safely on a low-gravitiy planet.Kirby decides to travel through space to find team M's ray .

Cutscene 10Edit

Magolor and marx get on thier ship and thier sisters start lectureing them. kirby uses his ray to get to darfomo's dimention.then darfomo uses the spell and his dimention spreads across all other dimentions.He then shoots a giant laser at the ship and traps eavry body in bubbles and sends them off to other planets so then kirby decides to do the leavals of darfomo dimention and find his friends.

Cutscene 11Edit

After kirby finds eavrybody darfomo comes in and says"this core is the fragile dimential core.if anything happens to it this dimention will be done for.but i've found a magic matter that can protect me from any of your abilitiys.well i'll just leave you here while i visit planet 108.Bye"and darfomo goes off to that planet.kirby dosen't know what to do but timey does he gets the legendary gear rod and gives it to kirby and says its that magic glasses weakness.kirby then fights darfomo with the rod.

Cutscene 12Edit

After the core breaks it bursts into warp stars and evaybody hops on one and flys off to popstar and celebrates Timey's bithday.then the credits roll but kirby and his friends get to be on the credits.then After the credits a dark matter eye stares at the screen and zero comes and the screen reads THE END???....



Most of the characters have a pernent ability with a few touches

^Means good at that stat X means bad at it.

unlock S Means they can only be unlocked in story mode.The number by it means what world

picture Character discription Ability Skill/weakness
Kirby 2
kirby/red/green/yellow he may be small and puffy but he's stronger than he looks. kirby All-around
Meta knight
Meta knight the brave meta knight has a sword and he knows how to use it.lets give it to up meta knight!!! sword(with suttle loop and sword upper) speed^ healthX
King dedede
King Dedede

the greedy king dedede has decided to go on the adventure.after all there will be treser.

hammer power^ speedX
Bandana dee
bandana dee

awww...insn't bandana dee the cutest thing???? but don't keep youf guard down. his spear packs quite the punch!!!!

spear speed^ powerX
jane kirby's love jane has decided to let timey take care of dilli and use the power of her magical hearts to do beutiful damage!!! love (with close inhale b near a foe she can spit or copy). All-around

meet a fariy from another planet,ribbon!!!

so put her crystal shooting to the test!

crystal shard gun (but weaker) All-around(unlock S2)

meet the goo ball made of good-dark matter gooey.he can lick and lick and lick.touch a spechil enemy like a hot head and boy!!your tounge is on fire


All-around(unlock S2)

Kunkle joe
kunkle joe the talented kunkle joe has masterd the art of fighting.but he's not all puches and kicks he can charge up for a spirit wave fighterbut with sprit wave Attact^ defenceX (unlockS3)
Daroach darouch,the leader of the squeak squad has a nose for treser.try to master his triple star tequniqes triple star (it's weaker) All-around (unlockS1)
storo the big bulky storo can try to smash his oppentes.the only problem is,is he blind??? stone (he dosen't turn into a stone) power^ speedX (unlockS4)
spinni this is one fast guy,oh..sorry gal.spinni is the master of speed. so use her ninja stars like no tomarow ninja(he can throw explosive ninja stars) speed^ defenceX (unlockS5)

The sciance geek of the squeak squad

his Ufo is extreamly powerful too.

U.F.O All-around(unlockS6)

Magolor's sister is just driven nuts by her brothers schemes.

she is a master at hand arts too.

hand All- around(unlockS4)
marceni moirror All-around (unlockS4)
francis laser All-around (unlockS8) star rod (but weaker) accrasy^ powerX (unlockS12)
starfy spin All-around (unlock,secret)
game over hand hand (but with 3 moves that replace some) All-around (unlock)
enrge energy but mixed in the ball ability speed^ controlX (unlock)
All helpers depending on the helper depending on the helper(helper bubbles reqired)


helps in time baseEdit











chef kwasiski

prince fluff

abilty saler



marcinei (can be playable)

emalor (can be playable)

Other allysEdit



proteck pet

darouch (he can be playable)


all enamies

all bosses

TAC team

all mini bosses


  1. green grasses
    • green grasses
    • desert dunes
    • ice isle
    • candy cross
    • macaroni mountain
    • vast valcano
    • soda sea
    • frappe factory
    • cream clouds
    • strudel space
    • darfomo demetion
    • rainbow wonders
  2. desert dunes
  3. ice isle
  4. candy cross
  5. macaroni mountain
  6. vast volcano
  7. soda sea
  8. frappe factory
  9. cream clouds
  10. strudel space
  11. darfomo dimension
  12. rainbow wonders


  • Waddle dee
  • waddle doo (beam)
  • cappy
  • bronto burt
  • hot head (fire)
  • bubble head (bubble)
  • luv (love)
  • handy (hand)
  • rocky (stone
  • simmior (mirror)
  • sparky (spark)
  • plasma whisp (plasma)
  • colobow (rainbow)
  • broom hatter (clean)
  • bulby (leaf)
  • water gablos (water)
  • whippy (whip)
  • masker
  • spear masker (spear)
  • twistiy (tornado)
  • UFO (ufo)
  • bang bang (missle)
  • bomber (crash)
  • hammy (hammer)
  • paint hatter (paint)
  • sacky (mix)
  • birdon (wing)
  • gip
  • chilliy (ice)
  • bowby
  • gim (yo-yo)
  • capsle J3 (jet)
  • soul-lo (ghost)
  • gnawgnaw (animal)
  • robottybot
  • walky (mike)
  • shwalkave (wave)
  • noddy (sleep)
  • rampager (rhino)
  • batty
  • gordo
  • anti- dee
  • poppy bros.jr (bomb)
  • sno bros. jr (ice bomb)
  • electro bros.jr (fire bomb)
  • golden waddle dee
  • super blade knight (ultra sword)
  • super hot head (monster flame)
  • super waddle doo (flare beam)
  • super chilliy (snow bowl)
  • super sparky (voltage spark)


New mini-bossesEdit

Returning mini-bossesEdit

  • bonkers
  • king doo
  • bugzzy
  • iron mam
  • grand wheelie
  • efrite
  • super bonkers
  • meta knights
  • mr.frosty
  • tedhun
  • mondondo
  • jumpershoot


Also see All bosses attacks in kirby time tassle 2



world discription
Dark Woods
Mummie Dee
Cotton Kracko
Team M: Bubble Duo
Wham Bam Bot
Mr.Burr and Mr.Burrn
Team M: U.F.O Duo
Darfomo Soul

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