A sequel to Kirby & Sonic Universe. Several Characters from both series' are transported to another dimension to compete in a seemingly fair tournament. Characters from anime's based on video games appear as cameos in this fan-game.


  • Velo
  • Garb
  • Von Bubba
Speaking/Important CameosEdit
  • Pikachu
  • Axew
  • Piplup
  • Jessie
  • James
  • Meowth
  • Dr. Zager (Screen only)
  • Hunter J (somehow became cybernetic)
  • Captain Falcon
  • Rick Wheeler
Nonspeaking CameosEdit
  • Yamask
  • Wubat
  • Parappa The Rapper
  • Sunny
  • Other Captain Falcon characters
  • Spike from Ape Escape
  • Jake
  • Specter
  • Pipo Monkeys
  • Pipotron Brothers
  • The Freaky Monkey Five


  • Kirby
    • Stars (like in 64 and Returns To Dreamland)
    • Star blocks
    • Food
    • Candles
  • Sonic
    • Rings
    • Power Rings (the ones Sonic uses to power himself up in Sonic X. Sonic only)
    • The things on the ground that make you go a little faster in the direction their facing
    • Invincibility
  • Common
    • 1-ups
    • Power jewels (acts like a goal)
    • Keys
    • Star Emblems (works like in Sonic Adventure to Heroes. Emblems with a star symbol on them.)



In Dream Land, Kirby is eating alot of food in Tiff and Tuffs apartment without even geting a belly ache. Dedede came in demanding to know who stole his hamburger. Tokkori sarcastically tells him that it might be Kirby. Tiff assures Dedede that Kirby just has a huge apitite that even the king can't control. Suddenly, a bright light shows up from the apartment window. Castle Dedede get's lifted into the sky and goes through a huge portal. In what is presumed to be called Mobius, Sonic is conversing with Knuckles about how he managed to keep the Master Emerald unharmed without even being at the altar. The others (Amy, Tails, Cream & Cheese, Vanilla, The Chaotix, and Rouge) are at the oentrance to the altar just incase Eggman attacks. A bright light shows up and blinding everyone. A nearby Big found thinks its the sunlight and puts on the shade. The altar gets lifted into another huge portal.

In another dimension, the whole castle find themselves at an entrance to a arena. Tiff also looked around to see some other unfamiliar characters (including Pikachu, Spike, Captain Falcon, and Parrapa) and see's a familiar group. Sonic asks Kirby what the whole deal is with the change in sceneary. Dedede quicklly recognizes Sonic as the hedgehog that destroyed his flying limo and trys to attack him, but Escargoon holds him down. Two holographic heads appear and introduce themselves as Velo and Garb. They tell the characters that their universes have been chosen to partake in a competition that will see which universe is better. They had gathered the well known inhabitants of the universes so that they will see who is more fit to be best. The two heads explain that a team of two universes will be chosen. The Pokemon universe with the Captain Falcon universe, Ape Escape universe with the Parappa universe, Kirby's universe with Sonic's. And if they refuse to compete, their universe will be used as a concrete parking lot. And if they interfere with the universe that is not theirs or the partner universe, he/she will be disquilified. Everyone agrees to compete for the sake of their home universe. Velo and Garb are pleased with their agreement and tells them that "May the best universe win". Sonic tells His and Kirby's friends that this is what he calls a fun vacation. Tiff then states that she doesn't trust those heads, but she still has to compete. Each of the teams go through a portal and the locations that they are aducted with get sent back home.


The team arrived at an entrance to a amusement park. Knuckles wonders why they are here. Velo and Garb tells them from a speaker that before they can go to the big games, they must learn how to move like a team in this competition. When they encounter a bell stand, they will have to take turns. They also tell the team that they better use that strategy to reach their boss "Von Bubba" at the tower of Dimension Park. They find that the path is split into 4 parts. Tails proclaims that they should split into 4 groups. Sonic is with Kirby, Knuckles is with Tiff, Amy is with Tuff, and Tails is with Tokkori. They do so and they take the paths. The team reunites with each other and find the others at the tower elevator. Tuff asks Meta Knight how he and theses guys get there before them. Meta Knight answers that they took the sewers (much to Amy's disgust). Charmy attempts to get the elevator to move, only to get blocked by Vectors hand. The elevator then starts moving up all the way to the top floor.

There they meet Von Bubba (a blue tentacled being dressed like Von Clutch from Crash Tag Team Racing") and the other cameo characters. A confused Dedede asks what this whole thing is about. Bubba tells the whole gang that he has been a fan of them, he even tells them that he has watched all of their episodes and read all of their books/comics (getting them confused). Bubba told them that his reason for bringing them here is that his power jewels have been mysteriously stolen. Dedede and Escargoon then form dollar signs on their eyes. Von Bubba explains that the power jewels have unlimited power and whoever stole them must be really power hungry. Upon hearing this, The Team Rocket Trio came up with an idea to use the power jewels power for world conquest once they bring them to Dr. Zager. A cybernetic Hunter J hears this and decides to get the power jewels for herself. Espio then says that their in and asks where do they start. Velo and Garb in their holographic heads still, tells them that they are going to Dream Land first. Tokkori makes a complement that the team are going to his and Kirby's home first. Everyone leaves for their assigned universe via another portal.

Level 1/Zone 1: Beach AreaEdit

The whole team arrives at the beach near Cappy Town. Sonic calls it good times when he was running on the water for several seconds. Big took his time fishing while everyone is annoyed that he and Froggy are sort of doing nothing. Big then catches something and it turns out to be Kine. The siblings tell Big to let the fish go as they are friends with it. Kine asks who these new guys are. Cream tells "Mr. Fishy" that she and her friends are from another universe, and they are collecting jewels that have been scattered throughout both of their universes. After a few seconds, Kine replies that he saw a few falling stars fall in the beach and the cave (the one from the episode "Buccaneer Birdy") and asks if these might be the jewels there looking for. Dedede and Escargoon rush towards the cave with Waddle Doo following them telling them to slow down. Rouge asks if those two are always like that, to which Tiff replies a yes. Tails yells out that they may not have time for chit chat as they are in the middle of a competition. Sonic tells the gang that he and Kirby are going after Dedede and Escargoon while the gang search for some jewels. Both Sonic and Kirby run away and leave their friends behind.

After the gang collected a couple of power jewels, they find Kirby & Sonic in front of a blocked entrance to the cave. Tails examins the blockage and deduces that it requires digging as it is a group of boulders. Knuckles puts on his shovel claws and breaked the boulders into pieces. With the blockage gone, the team is able to progress further into caverns. After getting to the arena sized room, they find Dedede, Escargoon, and Waddle Doo trapped in a huge hole. Sonic tuants that the "hole hostages" that they should have sticked with them. He also reveals that he and Kirby found a power jewel along the way to the blockage. Suddenly, an earth quacke happens and a huge drilling vehicle with wheels shows up. Sword and Blade Knight tells everyone to get into the hole. Everyone but Kirby & Sonic do so and they are confronted by the machine. The machine is revealed to be controlled by SAK. Sonic asks if Kirby he's enemies with those guys, Meta Knight then informs him that SAK are a group of surviving monsters that will stop at nothing to destroy Kirby. The evil ninja declares that they will destroy Kirby and the "blue hedgehog" too.

Both Kirby and Sonic defeated the machine and SAK retreat back to their HQ. Everybody comes out of the hole and discover that SAK had dropped a big power jewel. Velo and Garb's holographic heads show up and tells them that they are going to the next round. The big power jewel connects to the power jewels in the area its found in. Tails guesses that its like wires connecting to each other, and Garb replies exactly. The two heads tell them to go to the next area "Mobotropolis". Sonic claims that its going to be fun running around in his home world, much to Tokkori's annoyance. The two heads also tell them that the other teams are doing pretty well too, but with minor suspicions that one of the opossing teams members is planning an assault later. Everyone goes through a portal to Sonic's universe puzzled about an opposing team member might come after them.

Level 2/Zone 2: MobotropolisEdit

The team arrive at the rooftops of Mobotropolis. Kirby and the friends from his universe are amazed to see a futuristic looking city. Espio reminds everyone the reason why they are here. Nearby, Dedede is getting frightened that he is on a very high roof. Tiff tells Dedede that there is no time to be goofing around by being scared of heights. Tails tells everyone to split up. Amy and Tuff will go to the powerplant with Big, Cream, Cheese, and Vanilla for assistance. Knuckles and Tiff will go to the alley ways with Dedede, Escargoon, Waddle Doo, and The Chaotix. Tails and Tokkori will fly through the skys while the knights, and Rouge look out for incoming enemies. Everyone leaves without Kirby and Sonic. Sonic asks Kirby if he is hungry for some chili dogs, to which Kirby happily agrees. Sonic took Kirby's "Poyo" as a yes.

Later, everyone meets up with Sonic and Kirby with three more power jewels. Tokkori complains that he has to fly through tight spaces while being attacked by small flying robots. Tiff is thinking about where the big power jewel might be. She then thinks that the last place left to check is "that huge building". Tails explains that's the Mobotropolis power plant. Sonic announces that last one to the power plant is a slow poak. He and Kirby take the highway to the powerplant with everyone running after them (including an angry Amy and cheerfull Charmy). The team then arrive inside the power plant with another power jewel. Vector spots a big power jewel on top of a power generator. Meta Knight stops Vector before he grabs it saying that it seems too easy. The team hear an explosion coming from a wall. Smoke cleared away revealing Bokkun in his tank (from episode 42 of Sonic X). Tokkori asks who the little black guy is, to which Knuckles replies as Dr. Eggmans little messenger. Bokkun tells the team that he decided to destroy Sonic by himself, including Amy for giving him a big whack back in the tournament (in part 1 of 2 of the arena episode with Emeral). Amy gets in front of Sonic saying that if Bokkun is going to harm Sonic, he has to go through her and Tuff. Tuff then reluctantly agrees to help Amy battle Bokkun.

After blowing up the tank, Bokkun fleed crying over his defeat. Sonic admits that Amy is pretty good at the fight, to which Amy exitedly asks "Really". Charmy reveals that he grabbed the big power jewel while the fight is going. Velo and Garb congradulates the heroes as they recovered more of the power jewels. They also tell the team that they will take a break back in Dimension Park along with the other teams. Dedede asks how long the break is. Velo answers that the break will be as long as they want. Tiff tells her team mates to huddle up. Tiff tells them that the break may give them enough time to snoop around to find out who is planning an assault. Everyone goes through a portal that leads to Dimension Park.

Dimension Park Part 1Edit

The team arrive in the center of Dimension Park. Velo and Garb show up in person (Velo green, three eyed, and wears a grey robe, and Garb red, two eyed, and wears a blue robe) and tells the contestents that they can have some fun in this area, such as dancing, bumper car racing, and virtual reality flight battle. The hosts inform the team that there are 4 tents, each containing 2 portals to their home universe. And during the break, they will see other contestents walk around taking their time to get ready for the next round. As Velo and Garb leave, a paper pland hits Espio (who was about to begin his meditation). Espio reads the writing on the paper plane and it says "If your suspicious of the tournament, then you must do as I say. And go to the park entrance and spie on someone there. Sincerly, Mr. F". Rouge questions about listening to to that letter. Tiff then informs the bat that the information may be their only lead. Tokkori suggests that if Tiff thinks that its a lead then she has to lead the way. After Tiff reluctantly agrees, Knuckles reassures the girl that he'll back her up. Everyone leaves for the entrance except for Cream, Cheese, and Vanilla (Creams mother incase you don't remember)

Meanwhile back in Sonic's universe, Dr. Eggman is observing the mysterious jewels that had been appearing lately from his base. Bokkun arrives and cries that Sonic & his friends are being mean to him. Decoe asks why Bokkun gets to face the hedgegog alone and Bocoe suggests that they should chase him around untill he is fit to race against Sonic. Bokkun complains that Sonic always outruns them and the doctor while being chased by Decoe and Bocoe. Bokkun then mentions that Sonic also got some unfamiliars, one resemballing a pink puff ball. Eggman hears the what Bokkun says and yells at his henchmen to stop this foolishness. The mad scientist asks if Sonic is also looking for those mysterious jewels. Bokkun tells him that he and his group are collecting the same jewels as they are. That is when Eggman wonders why Sonic is collecting those jewels, he then comes up with an idea on how to get his jewels.

Tiff and Knuckles finally led the team to the park entrance tired from the security system. Espio tells everyone to quiet down as he hears something. The team hide from sight and see Team Rocket pulling out a lab top. Jessie contacts Dr. Zager and tells him about the power jewels. Dr. Zager asks what they are, to which Meowth answers that they are powerfull gems that are scattered across different universes (including theirs). The doctor tells them that if what they said is true, then Team Rocket will gain enough power to take over Unova and then the world. James informs Zager that "the twerps" pokemon are in the competetion, so it will be a little difficult for them since they can outsmart them. Zager then replies that the trio will just attack another team, to which Meowth agrees and he has an idea on which team to attack (with an evil smirk). Tuff asks Tiff if they are the ones that the trio are going to attack. Tiff admits that they'll have to wait and see. An impatient Rouge says that they should get back to the tournament as soon as possible.

Level 3/Zone 3: Castle DededeEdit

The team arrive at the hill to Castle Dedede. Dedede and Escargoon are relived that they are home free, untill Meta Knight reminded them that they are home temporarly. Big tells the gang that he see's a purple hot air balloon up ahead. Tiff grabs Dedede's binoculars and see that its the same group they saw at the Dimension Park Entrance. James tells his comrads that it is a good idea to take a different portal to this castle. Meowth informs them that they will wait for the team and take their power jewels. Jessie and James called out Yamask and Woobat for preparation of a surprise attack. After overhearing through the binoculars, Tiff tells her friends that they better get rid of that group before entering the castle. Tokkori sarcastically suggests that he and Tails will have to fly across the castle walls and pop their balloon. Tails says that its a great idea, to which Tokkori exclaims that sarcassm is lost to "those guys".

After popping the balloon, Team Rocket land at the bottom of the hill. Meowth admits that even though they made new enemies, these guys got mad skills. Before the trio can retreat with their jet packs, a flash of light engulfs their surrounding for a few seconds. Then a huge robot that shapes like the Shadow Queen's (from Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door) body and has two heads that shape like Metal Madness (from Sonic Heroes) shows up, kidnaps Team Rocket and disappears. Charmy asks Vector what that thing is, and Vector only answers as a "robotic entity of phychic energy". Meta Knight exclaims that this is probably what happens to the contestants that interfere with a different team and universe. Sword and Blade Knight discover that the trio dropped a power jewel. Waddle Doo guesses that the other power jewels could be in the castle. After the team went through the castle and Battlship Hallberd Mark II, a rebuilt and reprogrammed Heavy Lobster shows up in the control room. Dedede asks why that "furnace" is alive. Meta Knight explains that the monster was gathered as parts by Gus and gave them to Sword and Blade Knight. Heavy Lobster looks at Tokkori and acts as if it is hungry for birds. Tails and Tokkori have no choice but to destroy the robotic monster.

Heavy Lobster gets deactivated thanks to Tokkori disableing it from the inside from Tails stunning it long enough. Tokkori complains that he is not doing that again. Vector then admits that he could have done better himself, which annoys Espio. Tails discovers a big power jewel inside Heavy Lobster and deduces that it must be why it attacked them. Velo and Garb show up and congradulates them yet again. Tiff asks what the thing that kidnaped the trio earilier is. Velo explains that it is the Dimension Eliminator, it kidnaps anyone that breaks the rule of interfeering. Tuff asks why it is doing that despite the name. Garb exclaims that it is none of their business... for now. The hosts summon a portal to their next destination. Yet again Tiff gets suspicious of what they said in the end of the sentence, still not trusting them. Sonic tells the genius girl that they'll worry about it later as they have a tournament to win and survive.

Level 4/Zone 4: Blue TyphoonEdit

The team arrive in Sonic's universe at the Blue Typhoon. Tuff remembers it as the ship he, his sister, Kirby, and Tokkori once infiltrated. Dedede and Escargoon see the ship as getting the power jewels is going to be easy. However, Tails just remembered that he setted up a security system that will trigger is something foreign attempts to enter it. Rouge guesses that they'll have to tear apart the security system during their power jewel hunt (with a greedy look on her face). Knuckles however tells her that he knows what she's thinking. Tails tells everyone that they have to split up. Sonic and Kirby will take the front entrance, Knuckles and Tiff will take the back entrance which will lead to the hanger, and the rest will have to follow Sonic. As everyone heads for the Blue Typhoon, they are unknowingly being spied on Decoe and Bocoe. The two henchbots decide that they should tell the doctor that some of the mysterious jewels are in that ship.

Everyone meets up at the hanger as they safely got past the security system. Tiff wonders why the security system is attacking Sonic and his friends. Tails deduces that it must be like the Heavy Lobster, since the big power jewel made it go haywire. Knuckles realizes that the engine room (where the Master Emerald was placed during season 3) must be where the big power jewel is. An alarm sound has been triggered and the team has no choice but to fight their way to the engine room. Amy and Tuff will have to activate the elevator, which causes Dedede, Escargoon, and Waddle Doo to run for the elevator. Tuff burst into laughter as he thinks that Dedede didn't hear the word "activate, and Amy pulls Tuff by the wrist. The team later got to the engine room and find the big power jewel on the alter. Rough goes into a "Come to mama" state and attempts to grab it, but she was interupted when a huge rumble starts. A machine bursts through the ceiling and lands in front of the team, that is when Dr. Eggman shows up laughing as they took care of the security system for him. The doctor explains that since the jewels started appearing, he realizes that they contain some strange power comparing to the Chaos Emeralds. That is when he decides to go hunt for them and use em for world conquest. Since the team is after the jewels, Eggman will have to crush them with his Egg Walker (the 4 legged one) and take all the jewels they have. Knuckles tells the doctor that they have to get past the toughest guy and "genius girl" first.

Knuckles and Tiff defeated the Egg Walker and it explodes (sending Eggman flying). Sonic says he could have done better himself, but he has to contain Kirby after hearing the word "egg". Cream looked on the bright side as the managed to get the big power jewel. Everyone gets worried as Eggman is after the power jewels, so Tails suggests that they should be more carefull next time their in Sonic's universe. Tokkori jokes about not seeing any eggs as the mad scientist is named "Eggman". Velo and Garb shows up and congradulates them making it to the second half of the tournament. The duo also informs the team that they are going back to Dimension Park for a break.

Dimension Park Part 2Edit

The team started their break by thinking about what has happened at Castle Dedede. Dedede just claims that the Dimension Eliminator is probably just some prank. Just after Dedede finishes his sentence, a pakage falls from the sky and lands on Dedede's head. Tiff picks up the pakage and reads the note in it. The note says "If you want to know more about the Dimension Eliminator, go after Von Bubba. Sincerely yours truyly, Mr. F". Cream gets scared of the feeling that Mr. F is giving her the creeps while hugging Vanilla for comfort. Espio tells the team that the problem is that Von Bubba is riding a limo. Sonic jumps into the conclusion that it will be no problem for him. Sonic then runs for the limo with Kirby following him while playfully saying "Poyo".

Meanwhile back in Sonic's universe, Dr. Eggman returns to his base after his recent defeat. Decoe & Bocoe are relieved that the doctor made it back at one piece and reminds Eggman that the "new guys" are very unfamiliar with them. Bokkun jumps in and claims that they are no match for the "smart boss man", which made Eggman tell Bokkun to be quiet. Eggman gets upset that Sonic & his friends keep getting in the way every time he and his henchmen try to get the big jewels. Bokkun admits that collecting the mysterious jewels is getting tiresome for them (especially him). Eggman then asks his two henchbots if there is way to "gather em all up at once". Then the doctor comes up with a "brilliant idea' and he gets to work on something. He also claims that with his new idea, the plan will be much easier.

Sonic and Kirby manage to catch up with the limo and made it stop. An angry Von Bubba quistions the two contestents why they were following him. The rest of the team catch up and reveal that they want information about the Dimension Eliminator. Von Bubba then apologizes about not telling them about the monster. He also tells the team that the Dimension Eliminator is not his doing. The DE first showed up when it started taking the power jewels. But thanks to the tower turrents, it made the DE drop the power jewels. But sadly, they were dropped into various portals and the DE just left. Von Bubba finishes the story on how the DE came to be and leaves after wishing the team good luck. Tiff thinks that who or whatever is controlling the Dimension Eliminator, has a plan for the power jewels and disquilified contestents. Meta Knight then announces that they may not have much time, and that they must find the power jewels before the monster does.

Level 5/Zone 5: Dream Land ForestsEdit

The team arrive at the Super Boo entrance (from Scare Tactics Part 1). Tiff get's dissapointed and asked if their the Super Boo path. Cream then replies by asking if Tiff has a problem with that forest. Tuff tells Cream and the Sonic X characters that it's a long story. Dedede suggests that they should turn back (remembering the haunted manor incident), only to be pulled by Escargoon and Waddle Doo. Sonic informs the team that they'll have to go through the forest path if they have to find the power jewels. Kirby remembering how fun the Super Boo was, happily agree's with Sonic. The team enters the Super Boo path. However, they are unknowingly being watched by a cybernetic Hunter J with a portal behind her.

After going through the graveyard, the team comes across the entrance to the normal forest. Escargoon exclaims that this forest leads to Whispy's Woods. The mentions of Whispy's Woods got Dedede pulling out his golf club ranting about a golf cource. Waddle Doo reminds his majesty that thier not here to cut down Whispy's Woods, much to Dedede's dismay. Tails tells everyone to quit fooling around, they got Sonic and Kirby on their side. Sonic suggests last one to the big power jewel is a slow poke. After two more areas, the team comes across Whispy. Whispy tells them that he knows why they are here, they come for the mysterious jewel Rick found. He shows them the big power jewel, Rouge looks around with everyone acting confused. The bat tells them that everytime they find a big power jewel, something big attacks them. Then Metal General (from Kirby: Mystery Of The Night Thieves) shows up and attacks. He notices the blue hedgehog and laughs as he would destroy him easilly. Amy gets furious and engages Metal General in battle with Tuff behind her.

Amy sends Metal General flying upon the end of the battle. The team then continues with obtaining the big power jewel. Before they can grab it, a string of web touches it and takes it. It is revealed to be caught by J's Ariados. Hunter J takes the power jewel and thanks the team for clearing the path for her. She returns Ariados to her pokeball and summons her Salamence. J and Salamence leave through a portal with the team surprised. Tails begins to wonder why the Dimension Elimintator hasn't shown up yet. Velo and Garb show up and assures them that the portal J took leads to their next destination "Angel Island".

Level 6/Zone 6: Angel IslandEdit

The team arrive on the snowy mountains of Angel Island. Cream, Vanilla, and Cheese hug each other for warmth while Big and Froggy are trying to find a hole (even though you can't go ice fishing on a mountain). Meta Knight warns everyone to keep their eyes peeled for J and her "pets". Sword and Blade Knight spotted Ariados up ahead. The bug type pokemon realizes it has been spotted and runs away. The Chaotix chase after Ariados before Tails gets a chance to stop them. The fox explains that due to the blizzard on the mountains, it is going to be harder to run so they'll have to be carefull. While the team is chasing the Ariados, Tails will be making a translator as the "insect" didn't look like the talkative kind.

After subduing Ariados, Tails shows up and uses his translator on the bug type. According to the translatory, J sent it on patrol to make sure that the team doesn't reach her. And that the cyborg is on her way to the alter she saw earlier from the mountains. Knuckles gets surprised that "the silver haired lady" is going after the Master Emerald. The team follow Knuckles as they leave Ariados behind. Suddenly, a dark shadow ambushes Ariados and the bug screams. Once the team finally reaches the alter, J is analizing the Master Emerald wondering if its one of the big power jewels. J on her Salamence sees the bright side that "those two idiots and talking Meowth" arn't here to take it. Sonic yells that the Master Emerald is not a big power jewel. J is surprised and see's Sonic running next to Salamence (with It Doesn't Matter SA2 version playing). Sonic jumps onto Salamence's head and comments on J's cybernetics. J attempts to shoot him with her braclet, but Sonic quickly dodges it and yells Tails and Tokkori to handle her. J summons her Drapion and orders it to attack the bird, while she and Salamence deal with the fox.

Tails and Tokkori manage to defeat Drapion and Salamence (and hitting J while doing that) and piled them up. J quickly gets up from her and Salamence's defeat and aims her braclet at the team. Before she could fire, the Dimension Eliminator shows up with Ariados and kidnaps J and the rest of her pokemon. The monster then vanishes with the team wondering about its story. The Chaotix finally catch up and Vector asks what they missed. Tiff answers that they just got their big power jewel back and found another one. Knuckles found the big power jewel next to the Master Emerald and claims that it would explain why he's been feeling a foreign pressance on the alter earlier. A portal appears and the team uses it to return to Dimension Park. Meanwhile they are unknowingly being spied on by Decoe & Bokoe and go report to the doctor.

Dimension Park Part 3Edit

The team return to the park for their break. After some talk about the Dimension Eliminator Rick Wheeler, Pikachu, Piplup, and Axew show up to thank them for taking care of the enemies on their team. Tails uses his translator on the pokemon and it says that the trio and female cyborg are their enemies. Sonic just simply says "Your welcome" to the pokemon. Rick mentions that he is also here to deliver a message from Mr. F to them. Tiff reads the message as it says "Go to the outskirts and search for some people there". Dedede and Escargoon then start to rush for the outskirts, only to be stopped by Meta Knight as there might be a security system out there. Tokkori sarcastically asks why they can't fly over it, again Tails claims it as a great idea. Tiff agrees that its decided, Tails and Tokkori will fly over the security and disable them for the team. Kirby, Sonic and their friends go to the outskirts of the park.

Meanwhile back in Sonic's universe, Decoe and Bocoe tell Eggman that Sonic and his group of friends collected all the jewels except the ones they have. Eggman is pleased by this saying that going out collecting those jewels is a pain, so he'll have them come to him instead. Bokkun excites over having both the Chaos Emeralds they found while Sonic was busy and the mysterious jewels they have been trying to collect. The doctor agrees with his messager and orders Decoe and Bocoe to get to work on his latest invention from the blueprints he designed. The two henchbots watch Dr. Eggman and Bokkun dance around the control room while talking about how the doctor is in a good mood because of his way of luring the jewels to their base. Eggman and Bokkun do their "Go Eggman!" routine around the room in a humorous way (the one from episode 70 of Sonic X).

Tails and Tokkori manage to disable all the security systems all the way to a shed. Rouge takes a look at the door and realizes that its locked. Knuckles and Meta Knight try to open it with the shovel claws and Galaxia, but all fail. Meta Knight realizes that a mysterious force is enabling the door to be immune to weapons. Big then charges at the door and it opens. The team find Team Rocket looking weak than eariler. Cream and Cheese go's to the trio and asks what has hurt them. Meowth answers that it was the monster that did it. Jessie then tells the team to not go to the merry-go-round when there is nobody around. Von Bubba shows up and is shocked to find Team Rocket in a weak state. Sonic warns the park owner that the Dimension Eliminator did that. Von Bubba then suggests that they may have not much time to waste, and tells the team to finish the last two rounds as soon as they can. The team do so with Tiff getting suspicious on what has been happening. However, they are unknowingly being watched by a walking video camera.

Level 7/Zone 7: Kabuu CanyonEdit

The team arrive at Kabuu Canyon where they see something unusual about the pathway. Espio jumps down from one of the cliffs and lands on the road. After a few seconds, a bolt of lightning strikes where he is standing. Luckilly, Espio manages to dodge it and returns to the group. Waddle Doo explains that since the UFO attack and rebuilding Cappy town, he and the Waddle Dees spent several months building the lightning defence system. Tiff asks why he did that with an obviously suspicious look. The captain answers that they were planning a trap for another grand prix race, but after the Dark Matter invasion they have to cancel it. The only way past it is to shut down three of the generator forts. Tails deduces that that won't stop the lightning if they do it one at a time, so they'll have to shut em down simultaniously or their fried.

Tails on his communicators asks everyone if their in place. Both Amy/Tuff and Knuckles/Tiff are at their targeted generators. The fox instructs the three groups that on the count of three, they turn off the generators. They do so and everything seems to haven't change. To make sure, Rouge gets on the pathway and nothing happened. Sonic sees it as his and Kirby's turn to get to the big power jewel. The team arrive to Kabuu as its the end of the road. Sword and Blade Knight see the big power jewel in front of the torche, but stay still as something big might attack the team. They are correct as a Kracko shaped robot shows up from the depths of the cliffs. Dedede asks Escargoon if thats the robot Kracko he's been working on. The snail realizes that it is and wonders what its doing here. Robot Kracko then attacks the team with Tiff and Knuckles separating from them. The two are left with no choice but to stop the robot themselves.

After destroying the robot, The team manages to reunite with Tiff and Knuckles. Tails then wonders why those generators are activated when Waddle Doo said that he and the Waddle Dees shut them down. Meta Knight (who entered Kabuu after the fight) shows up and tells the team that somethin is missing. They enter and see that the spot where the warp star rests is empty. Tiff wonders what could have possibly happened. Vanilla is comforting Cream while she was frightened over the fact that a ancient looking place has been robbed. Once again, Tiff mentions that she's got a bad feeling about this. Big notices that a portal just appeared and suggests that they should go through it. They do so while the same walking camera from earlier is spieing on them.

Level 7/Zone 8: EggmanlandEdit

The team arrive what appears to be a them park flying in the sky. Tiff however is still thinking about their previous destination's incident to be amazed by the view. Sonic then shows his friends what their on right now, an entrance to Eggmanland (like in Sonic Unleashed). The doctors voice is heard on the announce welcoms the team to his flying empire that he has constructed with the power of the mystery jewels. He even announces that if the "guests" don't like the idea, then come to him... if they can. Knuckles starts complaining about how Dr. Eggman never gives up on his Eggman Empire schemes. Tails exclaims that Eggman must have the big power jewel, so they should get to him. Suddenly, Sonic runs off with Kirby in toe. Leaving Amy to follow with a reluctant Tuff.

After shutting down a couple generators powered by power jewels, Dr. Eggman was watching the teams every move on his security cameras. Eggman tells his henchbots and Bokkun that the team thinks that they'll win because their taking the jewels he collected. A confused Bokkun mentions that he doesn't know that its part of the plan because he's an idiot. The doctor says its because Bokkun is an idiot, but then turns his attention to the control panel. He explains that all the power from the jewels has given his Mega-Freeze Ray disguised as a tower enough power to freeze Mobotropolis then the world. Before he can fire his weapon, the emergency alarm goes off and warns everyone on the fortress that Eggmanland is descending to the ocean. The doctor gets frustrated that his fortress is going to be a big boat, and shouts impossible. Decoe questions what Eggman said and mentions that Sonic foils him everytime. Eggman hesitates by saying that he still has a few hours left before Eggmanland sinks and leaves after saying "I will DESTROY Sonic!". Outside Sonic, Kirby and their friends feel an earth quacke. Tails realizes that the park is losing altitude. The hedgehog realizes that they may not have time to stop and tells the team that they need to find the rest of the power jewels before they fall or sink with the fortress.

With four generators stripped from their power jewels, the team find the big power jewel in the fortress' core. Before they could retreive it, Dr. Eggman shows up with his Egg Beater. Dedede begs Escargoon to save him from the big robot. The doctor demands to have the team give him the jewels, or sink with Eggmanland. They refuse to do so, which causes Eggman to get frustrated over their refusal. He then mentions that his creation is powered by the jewels he had found, and is sure that it's unbeatable. Tails tells Sonic that he is unsure if they can beat the robotic vehicle. The hedgehog warns everyone to grab the big power jewel, he and Kirby are taking Eggman down. Tails reluctantly agrees as Amy, Tiff and Tuff wished the two heroes luck. Sonic and Kirby get ready to battle the Egg Beater. The duo beaten Eggman as Kirby sucked up Sonic while he is spin dashing, and spit Sonic onto the robot. After the battle, Eggman complains that he was supposed to beat Sonic this time. The team arrive with the big power jewel and are surprised to see the doctor defeated. Meta Knight reminds everyone that the fortress is still falling. Tails suggests that they better find a way out, then mentions that he hasn't seen Velo and Garb for a while. Suddenly, a portal shows up which surprises everybody. Waddle Doo warns the gang that they must go through if they want to live. They do so leaving Dr. Eggman behind. The doctor yells that he'll get Sonic as soon as he tries to escape. The fortress then lands on the ocean and starts to sink slowly. The Dimension Eliminator watches as it summons a portal and goes through it.

Dimension Park Part 4Edit

The team arrive back in the arena where they are cheered by the audience. All the other teams arrive at the same time after their last destination. They see a prerecorded message from Velo and Garb congraduating the teams on gathering the power jewels without getting caught by the Dimension Eliminator. The two hosts ask them to place all the jewels they collected on the center of the arena, go back to Dimension Park, wait for the results on what the best universe is, and the hosts will gather the jewels. They all do so with Tiff reluctant as she still doesn't trust the hosts. The teams all go through their portals that leads them back to Dimension Park. With everybody gone, a huge shadow appears in front of the power jewels.

Back in Dimenstion Park, the team talk about the whole game. Meanwhile, Tiff is still thinking about the whole thing about not seeing Velo and Garb in person for a while. Tuff assures her that its probably busy stuff their dealing with. However, Tiff says that somethings not right. She then thinks about what Von Bubba tells the team about the Dimension Eliminator and power jewels, Team Rockets warning, the activated generators, and the hosts absence. It is then Tiff made a realization and tells her friends that they must not let the monster get the power jewels. Then a paper plane appears to the team and the unfold it. The message says "Go to the merry-go-round. From Mr. F". Tuff and Amy decide to lead the team to the merry-go-round. And they start rushing with Tiff mostly the one rushing.

The team arrive at the merry-go-round and find a weakened J strapped on a horse seat. The poacher weakly tells Kirby and Sonic that she recorded "their" blueprints, thanks to her recording setting. She projects the blueprints infront of the team. Tiff informs her friends and brother that the monster wanted them to collect the power jewels. Von Bubba confirms this as he is seen tied up on one of the seats. Just then the roof gets lifted by the Dimension Eliminator. Tiff confronts it and asks why it locked Team Rocket in a shed, and refered as "Velo and Garb". To everones surprise, the cockpits on the two heads opened up revealing the two hosts. Rouge asks how the girl figured it out. Tiff explains that she first got suspicious after the hosts disappeared after J stole their big power jewel, and asks where were they at the time. The hosts then start explaining their plan. After Von Bubba decided to open the arena, they decided that its time to take his business for themselves. They built the Dimension Eliminator to steal the parks power source, the power jewels. But the security system blasted the monster and scattered the jewels across 6 different universes. Bubba then decided to use the tournament to find the power jewels, so Velo and Garb decide to host the game just to cover their tracks. After Kirby and Sonic's team found Team Rocket, they decided to silence them by activating the generators and sinking Eggmanland. The hosts then explain that they decided to copy the players moves so they can use it for their monster. They even used the tournament inorder to capture the teams data, the cameras that were always watching them captured their every move. They even captured the "interferers" inorder to drain their power as an alternate power source. And now that they have enough power to take over the park, they can also use it to take over the universes so the park will have more visitors. Velo and Garb then form a huge orb and shoot it at the sky. Meta Knight warns his team mates, Bubba, and J that they must get out of here. Suddenly, a floating race car shows up and grabs our heroes just in time.

The Final BattleEdit

The race car dropped the team, J, and Von Bubba off at the park outskirts. The driver is revealed to be Captain Falcon as he comes out of the car and introduces himself. Vector upon hearing the name "Falcon" realizes that guy is the one thats giving them those messages. Captain Falcon confirms Vectors realization by telling the team that he's been helping them because he didn't trust Velo and Garb. Charmy sees Pikachu, Piplup, Axew, Rick Wheeler, and Team Rocker next to the team and prepares to attack the trio while Espio is holding him off. Big points up in the sky as there is a huge vortex above the entire park. Von Bubba warns the team that Velo and Garb are using the Dimension Eliminator to create several black holes with the Chaos Emeralds power with addition of the warp star. And the hosts don't know that the black holes will also destroy the universes taking Dimension Park with em. Cream then gets mad since Velo and Garb tricked them all. Tokkori panics as he won't get to sleep on Kirby's bed any more. Team Rocket start crying that they won't be able to take over Unova. Meta Knight then rallies up the characters as they must act now or else their homes will be destroyed. Knuckles finds that Meta Knight is right and suggests that they'll gather up the emeralds and "this" warp star. Tails confirms that it will be to late if they do it one at a time, which Sonic agrees to. The hedgehog suggests that they must do simultaniously if they have to gather the Chaos Emeralds and warp star in time. Nearby, Hunter J uses her sensors to pick up where the emeralds and warp star are since the emeralds have a simular energy wave as the power jewels. The cybernetic poacher confirms that the emeralds and warp star are each in different areas of the two universes. Captain Falcon then tells the team split into two groups, each searching in their universe. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy go to theirs, while Kirby, Tokkori, Tiff, and Tuff go to theirs. Sword and Blade Knight tells the two groups that they and the rest will stay here and stall the monster. The groups each go through a portal leading to their universes.

Pikachu and the other characters are staling the Dimension Eliminator by using their attacks on it. The hosts get irritated as they don't have time for this. The monster shoots small orbs at the characters, but they all miss. The groups return with the emeralds and warp star seeing that the Dimension Eliminator is still being stalled. Velo and Garb see the gang with the Chaos Emeralds and warp star and heads towards them. Velo demands that the team give him and Garb the emeralds and warp star, which they refuse. The monster forms a fist and tries to smash the team, but the manage to dodge it. Tiff throws the warp star to Kirby, which he sucks up in the process thus summoning the star rod. The Chaos Emeralds start floating to Sonic, spin around him, and the hedgehog becomes Super Sonic. Both Super Sonic and Kirby fly towards the Dimension Eliminator for the "big finale". After phase 1, Velo and Garb set the monster to full power. The Dimension Eliminator forms two extra hands and grow a set of wings. Then the battle continues to phase 2.


With a final blow, Kirby launches Super Sonic toward Velo and Garbs cockpits. Without its controller, the Dimension Eliminator becomes lifeless and drifts away. Both Kirby and Sonic return to normal after bringing Velo and Garb to the others. Von Bubba punishes the hosts for their betrayel by demoting them to janiters. All the power jewels start raining down from the sky like shooting stars, much to Kirby's enjoyment. Shortly, all the tournaments contestants go through portals that lead back to their home universe. Team Rocket couldn't wait to see Dr. Zager and continue with their plan. Captain Falcon (with Rick following) leaves after congraduating Kirby and Sonic for their heroics. Dedede and Escargoon are disapointed that the whole tournament is just a sham, causing Rouge to say "tell me about it". Cream suggests that she, Cheese, and her mom would make a picnic for the team just to make em feel better. Tuff confronts Von Bubba if he can do the team one last request before they return home.

At Sonic's universe, the Kirby and Sonic characters a having a picnic on Angel Island. Tokkori admits that he enjoyed working with the hedgehog even though he talks like he's in a rush with no time to talk, only to be smacked by Amy's hammer. Dedede compliments that he's feeling better already. Tails mentions to Sonic, Kirby, Tiff, and Tuff that they never found out which universe is best. Nearby, Vector is fighting with Charmy over the sweets basket with Espio watching. Tiff just states that it doesn't matter... for now. Sonic questions Tiff for saying "for now" and takes it as on of her friends if challenging him to a race. Just then, Kirby got up, sucks up a nearby wheel, and becomes Wheel Kirby. Sonic approaches Kirby as he suggests that they'll race all over Angel Island and the winner will be the best universe. Everyone lines up as an audience as Sonic and Kirby are about to race. They start racing with Endless Possibilities playing, Kirby and then Sonic going through slow motion on their first turn, and the credits starting.

After the credits, Dr. Eggman, Decoe, Bocoe, and Bokkun are floating on the ocean with Eggman's main transportation vehicle. The two henchbots blame each other for the sinking of Eggmanland. Bokkun is just relaxing as they get to enjoy under the sun. An angered Eggman tells Decoe and Bocoe to keep rowing to shore. Bokkun asks the doctor if he has come up with a plan that involves stealing sweets yet. Upon hearing a ridiculous suggestion, Eggman starts trying to grab Bokkun. Bokkun keeps dodging his master while Decoe and Bocoe are trying to keep their balence from Eggman's tantrum. The end.

Sound TestEdit

  • Tropical Resort Act 1 (Sonic Colors) Tutorial-Sonic/Kirby
  • Cookie Country Level 1 (Kirby's Return To Dreamland) Tutorial-Tails/Tokkori through Amy/Tuff
  • Seaside Hill (Sonic Heroes, Sonic Generatons)- Level/Zone 1-1
  • Splash Beach (Kirby's Epic Yarn)- Level/Zone 1-2 through 1-4
  • Rooftop Run (Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Generations)- Level/Zone 2-4
  • Grand Metropolis (Sonic Heroes)- Level/Zone 2-1 through 2-3
  • Twinkle Park (Sonic Adventure)- Dimension Park: Part 1
  • Hidden Base (Sonic Adventure 2)- Level/Zone 3-1
  • Team Rocket battle theme (first set of Pokemon games)- Level/Zone 3-1 miniboss
  • Boss Tower (Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland)- Level/Zone 3-2
  • King Dedede boss music (Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland)- Level/Zone 3-3
  • Battleship Hallberd (Kirby Super Star, Super Smash Bros. Brawl)- Level/Zone 3-4
  • Starlight Carnival (Sonic Colors)- Level/Zone 4-1
  • Prison Lane (Sonic Adventure 2)- Level/Zone 4-2
  • Arena battle music (Kirby's Return To Dreamland)- Level/Zone 4-3 through 4-4
  • Starlight Carnival (Sonic Colors)- Dimension Park: Part 2
  • Hang Castle (Sonic Heroes)- Level/Zone 5-1 through 5-2
  • Pop Star 1-1 (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)- Level/Zone 5-3
  • Jungle (Kirby Mass Attack)- Level/Zone 5-4
  • Ice Cap (Sonic Adventure)- Level/Zone 6-1
  • Normal Battle (Pokemon Ruby/Saphire)- Level/Zone 6-1 miniboss
  • Snowy Fields (Kirby's Epic Yarn)- Level/Zone 6-2
  • Leaf Forest act 2 (Sonic Advance 2)- Level/Zone 6-3
  • Frog Forest (Sonic Heroes)- Level/Zone 6-4
  • Rainbow Resort Stage 1 (Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland)- Dimension Park: Part 3
  • Night Dessert (Kirby Mass Attack)- Level/Zone 7-1 through 7-3
  • Sweet Mountain (Sonic Colors)- Level/Zone 7-4
  • Eggmanland Day stage (Sonic Unleashed)- Level/Zone 8-1
  • Egg Utopia act 1 (Sonic Advance 2)- Level/Zone 8-2
  • Another Dimension (Kirby's Return To Dreamland)- Level/Zone 8-3
  • Egg Engines Stage 1 (Kirby's Return To Dreamland)- Level/Zone 8-4
  • Nightmare phase 2 (Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland)- Dimension Park: Part 4
  • Mobius Strip (Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity)- Black Hole Universe: Sonic X characters
  • Miracle Matter (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)- Black Hole Universe: Kirby characters
Dance MinigamesEdit
  • It Doesn't Matter (Sonic Adventure 2)
  • Follow Me (Sonic Heroes)
  • Unknown From M.E. (Sonic Adventure)
  • Believe In Myself (Sonic Adventure 2)
  • Team Chaotix (Sonic Heroes)
  • Kirby! (Kirby Right Back At Ya japanes version)
  • Macho San song (japanese kirby episode 61)
  • Landia boss music (Kirby Returns To Dreamland)
  • Rainbow Resort Stage 6 (Kirby's Adventture/Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland)
  • Sonic X and Kirby Right Back At Ya Opening Medly (a medly of both of the entire songs combined)
  • The Kirby Dance (almost every Kirby game)- After the defeat of every boss except the final boss.
  • Yin Yarn boss music (Kirby's Epic Yarn)- SAK's Drilling Machine
  • Death Egg Robot music (Sonic Generations)- Bokkun
  • Heavy Lobster (Kirby Super Star and Ultra)- Heavy Lobster
  • Iblis phase 1 & 2 (Sonic 2006)- Egg Walker
  • Galacta Knight music (Kirby's Return To Dreamland)- Metal General
  • Darkrai Phase 1 (Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond)- Hunter J
  • Kirby & The Amazing Mirror boss music- Robo Kracko
  • Egg Nega Wisp Armor phase 1 (Sonic Colors)- Egg Beater
  • Solaris phase 1 (Sonic 2006)- Dimension Eliminator/Velo and Garb phase 1
  • Perfect Dark Gaia (Sonic Unleashed)- Dimension Eliminator/Velo and Garb phase 2
  • Endless Possibilities (Sonic Unleashed)
  • Cradle by The Joy Formidable
  • Sonic X and Kirby Right Back At Ya Opening Medly

Differences Between K&S Universe and K&S UniverseEdit

  • The game is just one story like the more recent Sonic games, while the previous game is just two stories (three counting the last story).
  • Characters from other anime's based on video games appear as cameo's in this game (including Team Rocket).
  • This game has an explorable HUB world while the previous game is just stage to stage.
  • Dr. Eggman has an important role in the game, while he is just encountered before and after a boss fight against him in the previous game.
  • This game features switching from 3D perspective to 2D perspective (Sonic to Kirby).
  • There is no universal merging plot in this game.
  • Neither Marx nor Ixis Naugus appear in this game, they appeared in the previous game as the main antagonists.
  • Super Sonic and Kirby (with the star rod) switch automatically after each hit against the Dimension Eliminator.


  • SAK are the only villains from the comics that appear as a boss.
  • The Egg Beater originated from the Archie Sonic comic series.
  • Like the Egg Fort, the inside of Eggmanland doesn't flood.