This game takes place after Planet Robobot, Kirby minds his own buisness, when all of a sudden, he looks up, seeing another Acess Ark, now red and with a huge crown on it. Now Haltmann Works Company's parent company, King Haltmann is doing what Haltmann did. But now with more areas and more advanced technology. Can Kirby stop them?

Areas Edit

Patched Plains

Resolution Road

Overload Ocean

Gigabyte Grounds

Rhythm Route

Jungle Junkyard

Steampunk Sky

Firewall Volcano

King Acess Ark

Dimensional Nightmare

New Enemies Edit

Wind Up Smasher

Robobot Armor Specific Edit

Metal Shark

New Minibosses Edit


Pollenized Hornet

New Abilities Edit



Hammer Robobot Armor

Light Robobot Armor

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