Kirby: Return of the Squeak Squad (Kirby: Mouse Attack II in Europe and Kirby of the Stars: The Dorotche Gang's Return in Japan) is the latest installment in the Kirby series. It will be released for the Wii and Nintendo 3DS.


Kirby woke up one morning to find his prized refridgerator full of food had been taken, as well as other posessions Kirby held dear. Kirby set out to investigate, and found that many peoples' belongings had been stolen, including those of King Dedede. Kirby soon found that those responsible were the mice gang the Squeaks, led by Daroach. Kirby pursued the Squeaks across many planets and stars, and eventually was confronted in a large, black, gaseous planet... where a robotic version of an old foe confronted Kirby. Kirby defated the robotic Zero, and (If all of the stolen posessions were returned), the true Zero released control of Daroach's body, and fled. After a small chase, Zero simply hovered in midair. Dark Matterlings gathered at the creature's sides, and formed into black, gaseous, gothic wings. It's halo split in two, and continued hovering above Zero's head. The creature's pupil took a horribly disfigured shape. And 03 was born. Kirby soon defeated 03, and the Dark Matter-planet fled. The Squeaks retreated as well, in fear of another posession.


Kirby: Return of the Squeak Squad, like most installments of the series, displays Kirby's signature moves of inhalation, floating, and copying. Being released for both the handheld 3DS and the Wii, the Copy Palette from Kirby: Squeak Squad could not be used for both, and as such, the Power Combos that had originated in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards returned, and are used in the same manner as the aforementioned game, with new or changed combinations.

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