Kirb is an alternate version of Kirby from an alternate universe where everything was turned edgy. He works for Edgelady Fangirlina, who rules over his home universe.

Appearance Edit

As Kirb Edit

Kirb is a pale pink Puffball with completely black eyes. He wears no hat and he dual wields two cutter blade swords (like the one used by Kirby in the Super Smash Brothers series).

As Edgy Kirb Edit

As Edgy Kirb, he looks relatively the same as regular Kirb, but his eyes are now blood red with pinprick sized black pupils, his eyes have a faint yellow outline, and his mouth is lined with sharp teeth.

As Emo Kirb Edit

As Emo Kirb, he looks relatively the same as regular Kirb, but his eyes now leak a black, oily fluid, he has a black Mohawk, and he wears a black leather jacket. Emo Kirb wields a black iPod attached to a charger cord, which he uses as a whip.

As Hyper Edgy Kirb Edit

As Hyper Edgy Kirb, he looks like "There Will Be Brawl" incarnation of Kirby with paler skin. His scleras are black, irises are bloody red, and his pupils are white. When Kirb becomes really angry, his pupils become black with reddish tint. His teeth are blood-stained. In this form, he can summon dual cutter blade swords, chainsaw, rapid gun, drill, electric claws with flamethrowers in palms, whip, hook (similar to Pudge's from Dota 2), and machete.

Personality Edit

Kirb prides himself as being the edgiest person in his dimension, he's cruel to almost anyone who goes near him. Kirb is a new age spiritualist, he practices a religion himself which consists of bits and pieces of Scientology, Satanism, Wicca and Buddhism as well as some things he just made up.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Cutter Blades Edit

Kirb's natural copy, he can summon two at a time. These are too heavy to be thrown and instead have handles so that they can be used as swords.

Levitation Edit

Kirb can levitate up to ten feet off the ground, this allows him to move quickly and attack his enemies from behind.

Backstory and Role in the story Edit

Kirb was a normal and unremarkable version of Kirby until Edgelady Fangirlina was banished to his universe, when she started edgifying his universe, most of its inhabitants turned docile and brooding, however, Kirb, despite retaining no memories of being a hero, still feels that he was at some point important and respected and that Edgelady Fangirlina has stolen his spotlight, unlike most of the others he turned violent, abusive and dominant. Kirb's true motivations are still unknown and working for Edgelady Fangirlina may just be a ruse. During the events of the RP, Kirb followed Little Boy Bombs into the RP Kirbyverse as part of a plan by Edgelady Fangirlina to kill RK before her rival MARRISSA SUE could recruit him. However Kirb got distracted and tried to kill Kirby, PK, Gurby and Bold. Now that RK has been recruited by MARRISSA SUE and has escaped, Kirb has abandoned his mission as is now hunting Bold, who he considers a worthy opponent.

Affiliations Edit

Edgelady Fangirlina: Kirb's boss, and possibly the only person from Nightmare Land who he can't outmatch, however he isn't completely loyal to her and would dethrone her in an instant if she ever showed one sign of weakness.

Other Nightmare Landers: Kirb couldn't care less what happens to them, but likes to kick them around if they get in his way.

Bold: Kirb would like to kill Bold and stuff him as a trophy. Originally, Kirb wanted to kill Gurby, PK and Kirby, but he noticed how Bold tried to kill Gurby, stealing his kill as a result. He threatened to kill Ice Dragon, so Bold would never steal his kills again. Then, after getting knocked in space by Little Boy Bombs, he came back as Edgy Kirb, but Bold successfully defeated him he now considers Bold a much more exciting hunt than his intended target Rockirby. Since fighting him in the woods, Kirb seems to have developed an obsession with Bold.

Any version of Meta Knight: Kirb will kill them on first sight, because they remind him of a story when Edgelady Fangirlina tried to force Kirb to love Edgy Meta Knight. He was really disgusted with this story, and never wants to be reminded of it.

Everyone else: Possible targets, most likely doesn't care.

Gallery Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Kirb's theme song is "Can You Feel The Sunshine" backwards.
    Can You Feel The Sunshine Backwards05:02

    Can You Feel The Sunshine Backwards

    Kirb's theme song

  • Edgy Kirb's theme song is the "Song of Unhealing".
    Song of Unhealing (Ben Drowned)02:47

    Song of Unhealing (Ben Drowned)

    Edgy Kirb's theme song

  • Kirb sometimes cuts himself for fun.
  • After successfully edgifying his home universe, Edgelady Fangirlina tried to get him to fall in love with Edgy Meta Knight. However, she failed. Now Kirb wants to kill Edgy Meta Knight, and all other versions of Meta Knight, just to get never reminded of this story ever again.

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