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Appearance Edit

Jurby is a crimson red Puffball with tea green double blushes, he wears a special hat made up of five wood slats, the two on the edge are the shortest and are short and green, the ones near the center are yellow and slightly taller, and the tallest one is at the center and is red, the center one also has a mask on it, the mask resembles a traditional sub-Saharan African mask.

Personality Edit

Jurby has a strong sense of justice but can sometimes be very judgmental and distrustful. He has a bachelor degree and is quite intelligen having gone through two years of college. He is somewhat bitter towards his parents for not telling him what was going on.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Jurby has a very powerfu, previously undiscovered ability, however he isn't very used to it.

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Trivia Edit

  • Jurby's hat is based on Kalimba from Donkey Kong Country Return.
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