"Why my dad, why..."-Jane


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Jane is a female Puffball who has a crush on Kirby. Kirby also likes her.


Ages 0-10Edit

Jane was born not far away from King Dedede's Castle.  Jane's parents were Sarex, her dad and rebeller against King Dedede's rule, and Daisy, her mom. She then met a female baby Waddle Dee called Deir, and played with her. As they got older, the became BFFs, and had playdates. At age ten, the Kirby-King Dedede War started.

Ages 11-20Edit

Sarex had to go to war against King Dedede during the war, so he had to leave. Jane then realised Deir's parents had been captured by enemy Waddle Dees and were being forced to work for King Dedede, so she adopted her. Soon, she discovered her dad had been killed, and she knew the Kirbys would lose the war when that happened. Sarex was the leader of the Kirby Army, after all. Soon, the army was defeated, and King Dedede's forces won. But after King Dedede's forces stole all of the food in Dream Land, Kirby came to the rescue. Kirby defeated all of the enemies, and King Dedede. Then, Jane gained a crush on him for this reason

Ages 21-Following Edit

Kirby and Jane have currently been dating each other, and King Dedede has been continued trying to kidnap Jane. Though, of course, it never works in the end for King Dedede. She and Kirby later adopt the baby Dilli. She also appears in Kirby and the Time Tassle, in which she gets kidnapped by Neblavano and Kirby saves her. At the end they have a picnic together.


  • Jane is based off the fact that many heroes and video game characters have a love interest, or at least, someone who likes them.
  • In Kirby Castle War, she appears to be the main character rather then Kirby.