Haltmann Works Co. Neo is the updated version of the Haltmann Works Company from Kirby Planet Robobot. It is made by DarkAlex06.

Backstory Edit

The advanced version was made by Eclipse, an evil puffball who wanted nothing but destruction. He made the company to conquer the universe. But, he didn't expect that there were rivals coming, so he made a re-creation of the Mother Computer, Star Dream, named Dark Dream 2.0, the Mother Computer made several things the old company didn't have.

Location Edit

It is speculated that the company is located somewhere on Popstar. Some people think it could be in the outskirts of the planet, while some people think it's in space. The location is not known yet.

Members Edit

Eclipse - Creator of the advanced company and leader of the Mechanization Project.

Mecha Kirby - Security guard of the company, recently he's been allowed to go to Popstar to defeat residents.

Stock Mecha Knight 2.0 - A new version of Stock Mecha Knight, but faster and with stronger attacks.

Trivia Edit

  • The base, however, looks like a true company building.