This is the original RP's version of Galacta Knight. For the canon version, go here.

In the RP Edit

The first time he was seen he was disguised as Knuckle Dee. He later faked his own death and came back as "Knuckle Dee Soul". When he was finally ready to start is evil plan (and fed up with all the absurdity that was happening) he cast aside his disguise and fought the heroes (Pk first, in a very quick curbstomp) in his true form, managing to steal the Star Rod from Kali, and using it to build his own castle and challenged the heroes to emter it and fight him. During the fight, he temporarily ascended to a new form, Dark Galacta Knight. He was defeated by throwing away his evil sword, that was revealed to having been controlling him. Also, he revealed himself to be PK's father figure during the times he was a Star Warrior. He now helps the heroes from his castle and along with Meta Knight, he promoted Kirby to Knight status.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike Krystal Soul, who is completely controlled by the evil Sword, he manages to stay a honourable Anti Villain even under its influence.
  • The reason he uses a lance, despite being better with swords, even when under the murderous influence of the Sword, is to forever remember his murderous rampage when the Sword first possessed him, where he killed over a hundred fellow Star Warriors, including his friend, what-s-his-name.