Galacta Knight
Galacta Knight, the former Greatest Warrior In The Galaxy


  • Male
  • Female (Some fanons)


Unknown, presumably Kirby/Puffball


Meta Knight (Rival) (Boyfriend in some fanons)

Latest Appearance

Kirby: Planet Robobot

Galacta Knight is the final boss of Kirby Super Star Ultra's Meta Knightmare Ultra, and a famous boss in the Kirby series, both for his role, and his theme music.

Theme musicEdit

Galacta Knight's theme is arguably famous, consisting of fast-paced heavy metal, and small hints of industrial elements. In Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Galacta Knight's battle theme is given small techno elements.

In alternate canonEdit

Meta Knight had collected power from all the stars around Pop Star, and used them to summon the wish-granting comet clock, NOVA . Meta Knight then wished to fight the strongest warrior in the galaxy to increase his own power. This warrior was Galacta Knight, and NOVA warned Meta Knight that Galacta Knight was sealed away due to fear his powers were too great. NOVA then summoned Galacta Knight, and the duel began. Galacta Knight was defeated, however, and exploded, temporarily losing his angelic wings. He later appeared in Kirby's Return to Dream Land as the third-to-last boss in The True Arena.

In fanonEdit

In Kirby TVEdit

He reappears in Kirby TV in Episode 3 (coming soon) Years after his defeat in Kirby's Return to Dream Land's True Arena, Galacta Knight was lying unconscious on Egg Engines, until Metal General EX and HR-D3 found him on a bridge. He slowly wakes up and recovers from his defeat. While his wounds where slowly healing, he went revenge on Kirby and Meta Knight, and Metal General EX decides to help him. HR-H, HR-E and HR-D3, the latter with Metal General EX and his friend Marx controlling it, assist him on his yourney. Later, he finds Grand Doomer and the Sphere Doomers and they want to help him too, and later Wham Bam Jewel. They knock Meta Knight out of consciousness and take him to NOVA, where Marx tortures him (after he woke up) until he reveals where Kirby is : fighting Chameleo Arm on Hotbeat. Kirby, however, grts warned by , who is also fleeing for Galacta Knight, about his presence. Kirby flees to wikirby:Halfmoon. He's stopped by Computer Virus. The Magician and the Puppet are knocked unconscious. Suddenly Meta Knight cuts HR-H, HR-E and HR-D3 in half. Galactanight is defeated at the end.

In Spyral370's UniverseEdit

(WARNING: Contains shipping, and Fem!Galacta Knight)

After Galacta Knight was defeated by the hands of Meta Knight, the two became arch enemies, and they both were at each other's throats. However, as situations grew dire, Galacta Knight and Meta Knight became partners. As time progressed, they became acquaintances, then eventually they had become friends. Unfortunately, they still had their arguments and problems with each other.

One day, they had an heated argument, so intense that they decided to duel each other to the death at the True Arena. As the fight progressed, they slowly became tired, but still they continued fighting, wishing that they would cut and stab their opponent until they wither into nothing but a pool of blood and gore.

As the fight went on, both of them flew/jumped into the air and they both did an immensely powerful downward strike against their opponent, so powerful that it actually split their masks in half. Unconscious, the two then collapsed on the cold hard floor.

Meta Knight was the first one to get up, and realizing that he wasn't wearing his mask, and that his actual face was revealed (he has silver eyes with reddish cheeks, much like Kirby's), he wrapped himself with his cape, trying to conceal himself, and headed where his split mask was.

However, Meta Knight noticed that Galacta Knight was waking up. Realizing that Galacta Knight wasn't wearing his mask either, curiosity stirred inside Meta Knight to see what Galact Knight actually looked like. Cautiously, he approached Galacta Knight. As he was was in front of him, Galacta Knight rose up and stared into Meta Knight's eyes, and what Meta Knight saw completely stunned him.

Galacta Knight had sparkly eyes like tanzanite, and he had dark, lengthy eyelashes on his eyelids. His overall look made Meta Knight realized what Galacta Knight truly was. He should have known it all along.

Galacta Knight is a female.

The greatest warrior in the galaxy is a woman.

To prove it, when Galacta Knight asked why Meta Knight was gawking at her, her voice was completely different compared to when she had her mask on. With her mask on, she had a deep, booming, and overall intimidating voice that could creep someone out senseless if they weren't aware of her. Without her mask, Galacta Knight had a sweet, soft, feminine voice that was both brooding and seductive.

After realizing that she had exposed her true self, she flew to where her broken mask was. The two warriors blushed hard, and Meta Knight told her that she was gawking at him at a similar way. She then said that she didn't know that Meta Knight was also the same species of her and that she thought he was unique. Meta Knight replied that it is actually her that is unique, since she is a female knight, and he remarked that female Knights are rare.

Upon hearing this, Galacta Knight frowned and flew away form Meta Knight. Confused, he followed where Galacta Knight headed. She knew that he followed her and landed on a nearby cliff. Meta Knight landed at where she was and asked her if he said something offensive.

Galacta Knight then told him that female Knights are nothing special, and if they were, they were a disgrace, and if her opponents knew that she was female, they wouldn't have taken her seriously, and that men often see women as eye candy, and that fighting is for men, not women. Then she walked up to Meta Knight and demanded him to kill her, since she thinks female Knights are dishonourable, and if he didn't kill her, she would kill him. A completely confused and disagreeing Meta Knight told her that he couldn't kill her because she's wrong. He said that she wasn't a disgrace, because she proved that female Knights are superior, and that he admires her for who she is.

He said that he respects her for the fact that she is a great and powerful warrior, and that she worked hard to become as strong as she is, and he is amazed that she is the greatest warrior in the galaxy (until Meta Knight defeated her), and men fear and respect her for that, especially him. He said that he couldn't kill her, he wouldn't kill her. He also remarked that her mesmerizing beauty and skill in combat make him attracted to her.

Blushing, Galacta Knight then admitted that she liked him too, because even though he defeated her, he still respected her for a female knight, and that he thinks she is a worthy opponent. She also remarked that she adored his handsome looks and accent. Now it was Meta Knight's turn to blush.

The two then lowered their weapons gently, and they slowly went closer and closer to each other, holding each other's hands tightly, both gazing into each other's eyes. There was a long silence until the two warriors leaned into the face of the other knight to the point where their faces were touching...

...then they both locked lips and they both kissed passionately.

After what felt like forever to them, they stopped kissing to catch their breath. They both remarked that they were good kissers, then they hugged tightly and apologized/forgave each other, and they agreed to become friends.

A year and a half went by, and Meta Knight and Galacta Knight were dating, however, no one knew about this, not even Kirby (although Meta Knight actually confessed to King Dedede, in which he promised to keep Meta Knight's secret to himself). The two Knights had times where they would be together in secret, sometimes they would duel each other for fun, other times they would argue, and other other times that they would even make-out with each other for a while in several locations, which lead to "rough but fun times" as Meta Knight claims. They even have nicknames for each other. Meta Knight often calls Galacta Knight "Galliekins", and she often calls him "Mety-Boy". They even plan on having a wedding if they settled down.

Today, their relationship stayed the same. They still remained as Boyfriend/Girlfriend, as well as a secret couple.