Age 17,572
Birthday October 21
Gender Male
Species Same as Magolor's Species.
Element Electricity, Teleportation, etc
First Appearance Kirby RP 5
Latest Appearance The latest Kirby RP
Aliases Flickr, Parasite Freak

Flickr! Chip's "friend" with sadistic murderous tendencies. Who has been bonded by a parasite.

~Backstory~ Edit

When I make it, I'll make it. Be patient, it'll probably be on my dA.

~Appearance~ Edit

The same species as Magolor. He has a yellow colored coat, and a blue scarf, along with a blue bottom border. He has lightning shaped ears, with a white striking top, and green lightning symbols on his cloak, gloves, and body cover. He has black "skin", and yellow eyes. His gloves are yellow with a white border and lightning. His head has blue triangles around it.

~Personality~ Edit

Flickr is a murderous person, wanting to kill all. He finds it as a source of fun, with not much else to do. He doesn't care about many people, and just wants to kill.

~Attacks~ Edit

Flickr has many attacks. Most originate from his hands.

  • If Flickr puts his hands onto something, he can discharge huge amounts of volts, and can cause burning of the body.
  • Flickr can shoot lightning from his hands, hitting.
  • Flickr can summon up an energy ball and shoot it.
  • Flickr teleports often.

~Affiliations~ Edit

Chip: Chip is his nemesis. He needs to kill him. He has tracked him for thousands of years, and has killed his family and some of his friends. He wants to kill him now.

Susie: Flickr trusts Susie and even has teamed up with her. He has a slight tingle of care for Susie's well being, but not much else.

~Trivia~ Edit

  • Flickr was originally a hero in concept.
  • Flickr was also "What if Magolor had the spark ability?"