Dimena is a character created by TrixStudio. She's an ancient Star Warrior that survived the war of the ancients, and the only living ancient to this day... kinda.

Appearance Edit

She has a white body and light pink long hair with a red ear piece (controls shown in rp on the Kirby fan fiction wiki), has light blue eyes and wears dark grey gloves and has pink feet. Her mask is like Univa Knight's except with no spikes and has a stretched heart-shaped visor thole. She only wears her mask when needed.

Personality Edit

Original RP:

Dimena is kind of a anti-hero at times, but tries to be good as much as she can. She can also be a bit cocky sometimes.

Rebirth RP:

Dimena is a lone warrior, preferring to stay on her own (even though she has to work with others). She is a bit controlling and has a high temper... and a high ego.

Powers and abilities Edit

Original RP:

She mainly uses her sword ability but, during some occasions, uses her sword's ultimate powers. She can shoot bigger beams from her sword, perform explosive attacks and home on enemies. She can connect with her sword and make it more powerful, making her be able to unleash her Neon Aura Blast. She also, like Univa, has a one time ability to take the power and life force of an entire being. She hasn't used it, but knows what it does, which is to slowly reduce the person into a pile of ash, as well as preventing any soul form, as the soul would be absorbed and destroyed in the sword.

Rebirth RP:

Her weapon is just a normal sword. Of course, it has a few abilities, but, like her brother, never uses them. Also like her brother, she has an ability to insta-kill anyone (however only once).

Backstory and Role in story Edit

Original and Rebirth RP:

Dimena Knight was an ancient star warrior who worked along with her brother Univa knight and she is the youngest of the two siblings. After the war in which many died in, "including" her brother, the ancients split up, and soon Dimena was the only one to survive, which is basically impossible. Even she doesn't remember what she did to survive to the present day! Her sword, Universia, was created as a gift when the war of the ancients had begun. A different version of it was given to Univa with different powers. She's been living on popstar since, mostly staying away from the public, disguising herself if she ever does.

Original RP Role:

Her role in the story had been fairly short. She saved the heroes from the SMK (which technically didn't happen because of time travel), she took a sample off the SMB (as well as destroying it), and she saved the heroes from being turned into Star Matter aboard the Star Matter fleet.

Rebirth RP Role:

She may or may not of appeared.

Affiliations Edit

Univa: He, of course, is her brother. However, this doesn't change the impression she has of him. She finds him as a psychopathic villain, and she wants to save him from his captor.

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