The Deities are the most powerful entities in the Kirby Universe.

List of Major DeitiesEdit

There are many Deities, but these are the ones who created the Kirby Universe.

   * "Master" - None call Him by His true name, He is the King of the Deities and Deity of the stars. He has no physical form, but lived once in Kirby's heroic ancestor, and again in Kirby himself.

   * Cantor - The God of death and father of Deathicus. He looks like an angelic yet evil yellow puffball with a myriad of tattoo-like markings on him.

   * Qualius - The ocean Deity. He takes the form of a sharky blue puffball who once possesed Rajark.

   * Tornali - Competitive red falconlike Deity of fire.

   * Fanteod - Sly wind Goddess looking like a tiger.

   * Tablian - A life Goddess residing within Sanalyx from Kirby Legends Eternal. Once she sacrifices herself to exile Void once again, Tablian moves into Jane.

   * Nirath - The very short-tempered and competetive Deity of lightning, ironically taking the form of a unicorn.

   * Atheryn - The Deity of nature. She looks like a green dragonic puffball.

   * Ketral - She is the Deity of emotions. No physical form.