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"Starlord will return!"-Deathicus

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2011, Shacho



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Kirby: Starry Battles 2




Deffin, Lord Death



Deathicus is an evil demigod is the main antagonist of the upcoming game, Kirby: Starry Battles 2.


  1. Ages 0-29

Deathicus was originally called Deffin, and was a black Kirby/Puffball. He was born shortly after Starlord's defeat. He was a very normal kid, but at the age of nine, he discovered he was a demigod. He found out because of a series of the events in his school, in which invlved him glowing, and his best friend dying and suddenly being revived. His mom told him it actually, and that his dad was a god of death. Soon, he started getting corrupt by the power of death he had. At the age of twenty-nine, he was fully corrupted. Ages 18-30 Deffin then renamed himself Lord Death, and used his powers to take over half of Popstar. But soon, the ancestor of Kirby who defeated Starlord entered battle with Lord Death, and defeated Lord Death, but perished along with him. Popstar was saved, and Lord Death was seemingly killed. Actually, he lived, but as turned into a spiritual demingod being. He then renamed himself Deathicus, and plotted to conquer Popstar for one hundread years later. Ages 130-200 continued plotting for another ninety years, until he watched as Kirby defeated Starlord. He got an idea to revive Starlord, so he could possess him and become more powerful. Shortly before Starlord was revived, his plan was interupted by Kirby and Jane, realizing that Kirby was the heir. After a short battle with Kirby, Starlord got revived. Deathicus then possessed Starlord, and battled Kirby again. When Starlord's body shattered, Deathicus became 90% ghost, swearing revenge against Kirby and Jane.



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  • Kirby's Ancestor
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  • Jane

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  • Deathicus is one of the darker Kirby characters, besides Marx Soul, Zero, and Zero Two.
  • It is believed Deathicus's dad is possibly a Hades like character, because Hades is the god of death in Greek mythology.
  • deathicus's brother was corrupted too find out at kirby starry battles 3.then renamed himself lord live and when he was defeated he became a livegod and renamed himself liveicus. that boss fight in kirby starry battles 3 was (deathicus and liveicus)