Contra is one of LapisL6/LapisL7's OCs and the fusion of Lirby and Hirby








Copy Ability

KTD Fire icon
Stone icon

First Appearance

Kirby RP Part XVII



Personality Edit

Not much is known about their personality. They just have both Lirby and Hirby's personalities. Anything from Lirby's side is in italics, anything from Hirby is in Bold, and both is just normal text

Appearance Edit

Contra is pretty much a giant rock with holes for eyes and a mouth. A yellow glow can be seen through the eyes. They also have sharp, clawed hands and small feet.

Abilities Edit

Contra, as a fusion, has a wide variety of abilities.

  • Fuser's Abilities Contra can do anything Lirby and Hirby can.
  • Terrakinesis Contra can manipulate any terrain and create rocks
  • Harden He can quickly harden himself to be invincible, like the Stone ability
  • Enhanced Strength Their rock hard body gives them not only great durability, but can also deliver powerful physical attacks
  • Laser Eyes He can fire powerful yellow lasers from each eye, though this is rarely used.
  • Ejection Contra can force themself to split up and fire Lirby and Hirby out at high speeds

When Contra is defused by force, Lirby and Hirby are left extremely exhausted.

Gallery Edit


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