Buldr is I=-Vanya-=I's character from Marysuelandia RP. He is Nightmare Land version of Rockirby. He hates him, and wants to kill him at any means. He also despises Edgelady Fangirlina, and refuses to serve her. He has organic brain that makes him more intelligent than Rockirby.

Appearance Edit

Buldr looks like pre-Marysuelandia Rockirby, except that he is obsidian black with magma red eyes and mouth. Unlike Rockirby, he lacks a gem, since he can exist without it.

Relationships Edit

Rockirby: he ABSOLUTELY HATES HIM!!! He is determined to kill him, and he doesn't want anyone to stay on his way.

Chompy: due to him being RK's some sort of bodyguard, it's no wonder he hates him and wants to kill him.

Heavier Kirby: he sees it as annoying nuisance that keeps getting on his way.

Asphodel: at first, he took him as nuisance, but when he appeared and trapped him in the box, and didn't let him kill Rockirby, he started hating him. He wants to kill him someday, so he will never get on his way.

Decie: what a weirdo. At leash she didn't care about him when he escaped to beat Rockirby up, what he likes in her.

Obsidan: Buldr first seen him as a nuisance, however, Buldr now sees him as pragmatic ally, since they can team up to kill Rockirby & co.

Edgelady Fangirlina: he despises her, because he believes she is too careless, idiotic, and child-like to order him around.

Kirb: according to Buldr, "who the hell is Kirb?".

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