The Battleship Halberd.

The Battleship Halberd is Meta Knight's personal battleship. It debuted in Kirby Super Star for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

In canonEdit

The Battleship Halberd first appeared in Kirby Super Star's Revenge of Meta Knight, where Meta Knight and his underlings attempt to conquer Dream Land to end it's "lazy lifestyle". It was destroyed by Kirby, and it sunk to the bottom of Orange Ocean. In Kirby: Squeak Squad, Meta Knight ressurected the Halberd, for the cause of peace, but Kirby didn't know Meta Knight's motives until the release, and eventual defeat, of Dark Nebula. The Halberd later appeared in Kirby Super Star Ultra's Revenge of Meta Knight, with the same role.

In fanonEdit

In Kirby: Right Back At Ya Comic, a recreated version of the Halberd appears in the Dark Matter robot saga, known as the Battleship Halberd Mark II. Unlike it's previous incarnations, it does not get destroyed.

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